Lighting for the terrace – how to plan it?

Lighting for the terrace – how to plan it?
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Backyard terraces are places arranged as an additional living room, used whenever weather conditions allow it. It is used for dining, relaxing, meeting with family or friends.

In addition to practical and comfortable furniture, such a place should also have adequate lighting to ensure comfort and safety if you want to relax on the terrace even after dark.

What do you have to bear in mind when you want to light up your terrace? And how can you make sure that the lighting is cost-effective and functional? We will write about this later in this article.

Terrace lighting – modern lamps for various purposes

On terraces and balconies it is really difficult to do without lighting. Thanks to it you can use this area also at night. Sometimes, after all, the weather can be really beautiful in spring and summer, so you can pleasantly spend time outdoors until late in the evening. For this purpose, however, you need to have the appropriate outdoor lamps, such as the products offered by the store.

More luminaires create a coherent lighting system, tailored to the specificity of the space. So you can safely move around, relax on the sofa with a cup of your favorite drink or organize an evening party for family and friends.

Lights on the terrace are also an interesting element of the overall arrangement. They decorate the space and make it even cosier and friendlier for all users.

Which lamps should I put on my terrace?

In order to create optimal conditions on the terrace, it is of course necessary to choose the right lighting fixtures. The search for the perfect one should start by looking at the space in question.

On an open terrace, it is popular to place practical lighting on the facade, including especially:

  • wall sconces,
  • spotlights,
  • recessed luminaires.

Such lamps can also be used on large covered and built-up terraces. In addition to them are also used there:

  • standing lamps,
  • pendant lamps.

Usually to get the right effect, you need to use at least several fixtures, allowing for uniform lighting of the entire space and adjusting it to the needs of users.

It is worth choosing such fixtures, which not only perfectly fulfill their role, but also fit into the arrangement of space. You can read more about the selection of lamps for different gardens for example at:

Solar or traditional lamps for the terrace?

Intense technological development in the lighting industry means that every year more and more diverse products appear on the market. Currently, you can use as outdoor patio lighting:

  • mains-powered lamps,
  • solar lamps.

In the first case, all lighting fixtures must be connected to the home electrical grid. In the second, each lamp is equipped with photovoltaic panels that collect and store the sun’s rays during the day, convert them into energy, which is used by the lamps at night to illuminate the garden.

While standard lamps are reliable and guarantee optimum light intensity, solar garden lighting is a huge money saver and a chance for greener outdoor lighting for your home. It must be remembered, however, that such a lamp will not work in a shady place under the roof.

Lighting on the terrace – not only the aesthetics of the products

Every garden lamp, solar and classic, must be solid and durable. Due to the harmful atmospheric factors, such products are made of materials resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

Luminaires should be marked as models with a high IP rating, which confirms the good tightness of the structure. Thanks to this, dust and moisture will not get inside them, which could damage the lamp and lead to a short circuit in the installation.

Fashionable and energy-saving terrace lamps

Modern terrace lighting is increasingly being planned as a complete system, with considerable aesthetic qualities and good functionality. A large number of users rely on models working with energy-efficient LED technology, and even choose lamps powered by solar energy.

In this way you take care of the household budget and reduce power consumption from the grid, which benefits not only the household but also the environment.

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