Wall decorations for living room – what will work in boho style?

Wall decorations for living room – what will work in boho style?
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Boho style living room is really easy to arrange. Thanks to the fact that this aesthetic is very fashionable now, it is easy to find both furniture and textiles that match such decor. The dot over the i will be effective decorations. See which ones are worth choosing!

Paintings and wallpapers for living room maintained in the boho style are a wide selection of the most diverse decorative motifs. These are not only floral patterns, but also geometric patterns, as well as picturesque views and cosmic compositions. Wall decorations are able to change a lot more in the space than it seems, so it is the best and fastest in implementation way to give the living room a distinctive character.

Experts from Myloview have prepared a list of the most interesting ideas on how to decorate a boho living room – so it’s time for a spectacular interior metamorphosis!

Boho living room – an arrangement that soothes the senses

If you want to enjoy an arrangement that is characterized by a calm, balanced, but full of elegance, it is worth bet on the boho style. Living room arranged in this aesthetics is a way to enjoy interior soothing the senses. Soft colors, creams, beiges and pastels, natural materials, and decorative accents inspired by the natural world – all this together creates a space where you can forget about the daily hustle and bustle. The advantage of this style is that it will continue to look beautiful even when the fashion for it has lost some of its strength.

Cozy wall murals for the living room

The Myloview wall murals chosen by experts, which are very popular, are designs with a floral and geometric character. The former draw inspiration from plants from all over the world. These are representations of tiny eucalyptus leaves, spreading ferns, as well as field flowers. What characterizes such representations is the delicate, kind of painterly look of the patterns. These are not photo wallpapers but artistic compositions that often resemble paintings.

Geometric patterns, in turn, are an even wider range of decorative motifs. This may be a timeless herringbone, stripes or a very fashionable pattern called chevron. The color scheme of such patterns should be based on the colors of the earth.

Boho wall murals with picturesque views

Another group of patterns that deserve attention are boho wallpapers with atmospheric landscapes. The advantage of such decorations is that they will allow not only decorate the living room, but also optically enlarge a small area. So it is a great solution for a small room in the block.

Idyllic landscapes certainly deserve attention – a field meadow dotted with flowers or overgrown with a very fashionable decorative pampas grass. It is this species of plant fits like a glove to the boho aesthetics. But this is not the end of proposals prepared by Myloview experts. In the living room will also beautifully present a view of the sea coast with picturesque dunes and a wooden pier. The boho style has something of the holiday carefree in it, and such a landscape will emphasize this aspect of the decor!

Minimalist paintings for the living room

An instant metamorphosis is guaranteed also by Myloview paintings maintained in the boho style. Subdued colors of a living room, wooden furniture and wicker accessories as well as nice in touch textiles make the interior arranged in such a way very cozy. That is why on the walls you can hang minimalist in expression compositions, while maintaining the atmospheric character of the interior. Illustrations in line art style or simple in form sketches presenting plants, animals or portraits are an excellent decorative proposal.

An alternative to a picture printed on canvas can be a poster, which will be framed in a light wooden frame and instead of hanging on the wall we can put it on a shelf or dresser, emphasizing the nonchalant character of the arrangement

Cosmos inspired boho paintings

The last idea of Myloview experts for paintings for a living room are representations inspired not by plants and picturesque views, but by space. Maintained in a slightly magical atmosphere pattern presenting the sun, moon and stars, will introduce an unearthly mood to the arrangement. However, this will not be a photo resembling a real cosmic view, but an artistic illustration maintained in creams, beiges and golden accents. Such boho pictures will appeal not only to astrology lovers, but also to dreamers and fans of original decorative elements.

Such paintings are perfect for composing a diptych or triptych from several similar canvases and hanging it on the wall above the sofa.

This is how beautifully a living room can look like! Boho style, thanks to striking wall decorations, will acquire a unique look. Picturesque landscapes, celestial bodies, flowers or artistic drawings are a handful of the most interesting proposals that certainly deserve attention.

Photo: press materials of the customer.

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