How to protect garden furniture from harmful weather conditions?

How to protect garden furniture from harmful weather conditions?
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Garden furniture, as the name suggests, are most often placed in gardens, often directly in the open air. Therefore, they are exposed to adverse weather conditions, causing the paint to come off, their color to fade or even total destruction. So how to properly protect them?

What materials should be made of garden furniture?

Garden furniture is currently available in the store in various forms. They can be made of plastic, rattan, wicker or wood. However, the best and longest service will be garden furniture made of wood, which can be properly protected from the harmful effects of the weather, such as rainfall, exposure to sunlight or changing temperatures. Therefore, it is best to bet on them in the gardens, despite their higher price.

There is no effective way to protect plastic from the elements, so you can be almost certain that they will not look aesthetically pleasing after just one season spent in the garden. However, it is different with wooden furniture, which can be preserved for years with the right materials and techniques

Wooden garden furniture impregnation

One of the simplest and most popular methods of protecting wood garden furniture from the weather is to impregnate their surface. Regular impregnation of wood can protect them from the effects of

  • moisture,
  • changing temperatures,
  • solar radiation,
  • microorganisms

As a result, furniture made of this material will look perfect for many years

How to impregnate garden furniture?

On the market you can find a variety of preparations for impregnation of garden furniture, which differ primarily in their purpose, as well as the effects that they guarantee after use. Depending on your needs, impregnators are divided into those dedicated to raw wood and for renovation of old items with the coating removed. However, impregnate is only part of the work to protect garden furniture from damage. After its application, it is worthwhile to apply an additional layer of protection in the form of paint, stain varnish, or oil

Paints for furniture

Paints for furniture are products that not only allow you to protect garden furniture from damage, but also renew them and give them a whole new character. They are available in a variety of colors – from those that allow you to preserve the natural appearance of the grain on the wood, to those that are completely rusty in brown or even intense lime, mint, or blues. Most often they provide protection for garden furniture for about 5 years. By this time, the coating made with their use is fully resistant to weathering

Wood stain

Stain stains in contrast to wood paints are characterized by colors that allow you to imitate the natural colors of wood. Most often their coating is also almost transparent, which is why they are perfect when we want to preserve the grain pattern of the wood. Depending on the product selected, stain can protect furniture for up to 10 years, guaranteeing its flawless appearance

Wood oils

On the other hand, wood oils are an excellent choice for those who want to maintain the original appearance of wood without adding any color. This is because oil does not form a film on the surface of the wood; it is simply absorbed into the structure of the wood, preventing it from absorbing moisture. The effect obtained after oiling wooden furniture is extremely natural and the texture of the wood remains completely unchanged

If you want to enjoy beautiful garden furniture, it is best to bet on those made of natural wood. They can be protected by wood paint, stain or oil depending on your needs. It is also worth remembering that all kinds of renovation and furniture protection work is best done before the season, never during or after its end, when the furniture may already be damp.

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