Leaky roof windows – how to deal with it?

Leaky roof windows – how to deal with it?
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What causes leaky roof windows? How to remedy this unpleasant situation? Unfortunately, but this popular way of e.g. providing light to the attic can be very unreliable. And during installation situations arise where it is easy to make a mistake. How to deal with leaks in roof windows?

Why can roof windows leak?

A roof window can be a great solution for your home, especially for lighting the attic or a dark corridor in a one-storey house. However, it is very important that they are airtight. Without it, problems are waiting for us very soon.

Wooden or plastic roof window?

The choice of the type of roof window can influence the faults we will be exposed to later. Of course, in both cases faulty and inconsiderate installation will be an easy cause of leaks, but PVC products have more advantages in this case. Wood, although it looks magnificent and is a natural material, may be less durable. Thus, it requires constant maintenance and waterproofing. Neglecting these issues can result in leaks

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Main causes of leaky roof windows – faulty installation

Why can roof windows fail to leak? First of all, the problem may be caused by the wrong flashing being installed on the window. Both components must fit tightly together to perform their function properly. Another problem may be a lack of insulation. You can also expect difficulties if the insulation layer is not placed properly.

How to check the tightness of a window?

It is very often so that we are dealing with e.g. damp partitions and the leak is simply visible to the naked eye. In principle, windows cannot be 100% tight, but in this case we mean above-average leakage. We can check it in advance by inserting a small piece of paper between the frame and the sash. The situation in which the strip will remain on top for a long time, will be evidence of a large leak.

How can I deal with the problem?

A leaky roof window is a problem that needs to be solved as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to the window and problems with moisture in the interior

Ready-made insulation kits for roof windows

Trouble with a leaky and leaking roof window is not uncommon. It doesn’t matter if the fault lies with the installer or if the sash is already worn out. For people who have to deal with such a defect, manufacturers of windows or materials for their finishing offer ready-made insulation sets. What is usually included in their composition? Despite greater or lesser differences here are used shoulder gaskets and films of polypropylene, which are to create a tight connection with the vapor barrier. Other types of kits use thermal insulation set on a rigid frame and drainage gutters

What purposes do pre-made insulation kits have?

They are used to seal the roof window against moisture, wind and sound transmission. The key purpose is also to prevent heat loss and heat escaping to the outside due to so-called thermal bridges. Thanks to the correct application of such a set there is also no local condensation. Manufacturers declare that the heat transfer coefficient as a result of such installation reaches parameters better even by 15%.

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Replacing the flashing

Sometimes, however, there is a bigger problem with a leaky roof window. For example, if the flashing does not fit tightly enough around the frame. This may have happened as a result of poor selection, damage or incorrect installation. In such a case, the flashing must be replaced, which involves additional costs.

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