How to choose furniture for a small balcony?

How to choose furniture for a small balcony?
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Longer evenings and higher temperatures encourage us to spend afternoons outdoors. Often, however, after work we do not want to leave the house and decide to relax on your balcony. So we want to furnish this space in a practical and attractive way, so that relaxing is even more of a pleasure. 

Arranging a balcony is not just about flowers and ornaments, but above all, furniture. What should we do if we don’t have a large balcony? Do we have to give them up?

When you live in the city, having an extra space in the form of a balcony is often a luxury. Unfortunately, usually its surface is far from what we would like to have. Usually balconies, especially in blocks of flats, have only a few square meters. We don’t need to use this space only for drying laundry and storing things that don’t have their place inside. Even in this small space it is good to create a place used for rest. For this purpose, we usually buy furniture. Which ones to choose, so as not to clutter all the available space?

What furniture for a small balcony?

Regardless of whether we intend to decorate a large or small balcony, when choosing furniture it is worth betting on solid materials, so that the acquired equipment will remain with us for a long time, preferably in an unchanged state. When the area of the balcony arranged by us is not large, it is worth thinking about practical, and therefore also foldable or multifunctional models. Our favorites in this case are all kinds of folding chairs or tables, as well as suspended seats and swings, which can be dismantled at any time.

What furniture is worth paying attention to? 


One of the basic balcony furniture is undeniably a table. It does not have to be large at all. An interesting solution may be a tabletop attached to the wall or railing and unfolded when necessary. Thanks to this we have extra space to use on a daily basis and when we want to enjoy the aroma of coffee or a delicious breakfast on the balcony on Sunday morning, we can simply unfold the table. As for the shape, semi-circular and semi-elliptical tops will work best here.

Chairs, seats, armchairs

Of course, none of us can imagine relaxing on the balcony without a comfortable place to sit. For this purpose we can use armchairs or chairs. If we want to save space, it is worth betting on the folding ones.

On balconies kept in the boho style all sorts of suspended, fabric armchairs, swings and seats, such as those woven from strings, will work perfectly. They will create a pleasant atmosphere, and sinking in them will be pure pleasure.

On small balconies, also great are various types of boxes, in which we can hide, for example, pillows or blankets or other items and which can also serve as a seat. Each of us knows how important multifunctional solutions are in small spaces.

Shelf or bookcase

We dream about growing our own plants but a railing is not enough? Even on a tiny balcony we can organize additional space for pots with flowers or herbs. For this purpose we can assemble a small shelf or shelves mounted to the wall. However, you need to remember to properly impregnate them, especially if you choose wood, we also can not overload the shelves.


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