Portable grill for the garden. Which one to choose?

Portable grill for the garden. Which one to choose?
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Portable barbecue is a practical device that we can use not only in the garden, but also take to the allotment outside the city or on vacation in the campground. What to look for when buying a barbecue?

Portable grill – ideal for the garden and camping

Portable barbecue is an ideal option for people who do not want to spend more money on this type of equipment and barbecue occasionally. These types of grills are usually characterized by compact size and affordable price (much lower than the large stationary barbecue, which often cost 1000-2000 PLN).

What types of portable grills we distinguish?

Manufacturers offer us grills:

  • charcoal – a classic solution, most often chosen by Poles. Coal barbecue does not require power and is great for traveling,
  • gas – they heat up quickly and are easy to use (we do not have to bother with igniting coal),
  • electric – we can use them all year round, they do not take up much space.

Undoubtedly, the most popular among lovers of dishes from the grill are charcoal grills, which give the dishes a unique flavor and are also cheaper than electric and gas grills. On the market you will also find cheap disposable grills (usually costing 15-20 PLN), which consist of an aluminum tray in which you place the coal, a makeshift grill and legs. However, we do not recommend this solution, because it is not ecological and harmful to health.

What to look for when choosing a portable grill?

No matter what model of portable grill we choose, we must pay attention to the quality of construction of the device. A garden barbecue should be characterized by a solid construction and stability. It’s worth considering what size grill will suit your needs, e.g. adjusting its size to the number of family members (the bigger the grill, the more dishes you’ll be able to prepare at the same time). In the case of an electric grill, we must pay attention to its power (the more watts the device has, the faster the food will be ready for consumption)

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How much does a good portable grill for the garden cost?

Many people who are about to buy a portable grill for the first time wonder, how much does a model cost that will last longer than 1-2 seasons? A decent quality charcoal grill can be bought for about 300-400 PLN. When it comes to gas models, we have to reckon with the expense of 400-700 zł. In turn, a decent electric grill costs 400-500 gold. Of course you can also buy much cheaper equipment, but then we are not sure about its durability

What barbecue accessories are worth buying? Must have

If you want to make grilling easier, you should invest in a few basic accessories such as:

  • tongs,
  • spatula,
  • fork.

Barbecue accessories made of stainless steel will work best. It may also be a good idea to buy a meat thermometer. Thanks to this gadget we will be able to perfectly roast steaks, thighs or other meat dishes, receiving many compliments from feasting guests eating our grilled dishes.

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