Concrete grill. What to pay attention to?

Concrete grill. What to pay attention to?
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Concrete barbecue in the garden is not only a place for preparing tasty and healthy meals, but also an element of garden architecture, which significantly affects its appearance. What to pay attention to when deciding on such a solution in your garden?

Garden grill. Coal, gas or maybe concrete?

Fashion for barbecue in our country continues at best. It is difficult to find a garden, which would not be even a small size charcoal barbecue used during social gatherings to prepare tasty dishes. Increasingly, however, it can be seen that we invest in models much more advanced, with large sizes and capabilities

Many people who want to ensure that they can barbecue in all conditions, opt for gas devices that operate on the basis of a gas cylinder. On the other hand, those who want to cook food over a real fire and at the same time want to have a grill that is stylish and elegant, opt for concrete models, which not only provide a wide range of possibilities when it comes to preparing food outdoors, but also look beautiful.

Concrete barbecue: where to buy?

Ready-made concrete grills can be purchased in garden supply stores, as well as in large DIY stores. The choice is huge. We can find both compact models that will fit perfectly even in small spaces, as well as concrete grills with large sizes that will allow you to prepare a meal for a large number of people at one time. Some of them can also be safely used as a garden pizza oven, due to the large surface located above the hearth.

Concrete grill: what to look for?

Ready-made concrete grills can be found in many stores. They tempt affordable prices, interesting appearance, and the fact that we can easily install them ourselves. Before we decide to buy a particular model, it is worth paying attention to several issues, such as:

  • the size of the hearth – it must be strictly adjusted to the needs: the more household members, the larger the size of the hearth;
  • grate height adjustment – the ability to set the grate at different heights is very necessary to be able to freely control the temperature of grilling;
  • worktop size – the size of the worktop affects the freedom and comfort of food preparation;
  • the layout of the shelves at the bottom – they should be large enough to accommodate all the necessary accessories and fuel.

What additional accessories are worth equipping a concrete grill with?

More expensive models of concrete barbecues have in the set a number of additional accessories useful in preparing meals with their use. Some of them can be purchased separately and retrofit our grill if it does not have them in the set. Owners of concrete barbecue in the garden should consider getting the following accessories:

  • a rotisserie – comes in handy when you want to prepare a whole chicken or other large portion of meat;
  • thermometer – thanks to the built-in thermometer we can constantly control the temperature at which the food is prepared;
  • ash pan – this is a good solution because it significantly facilitates cleaning the grill of the ash residue.

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Space in the garden for a concrete barbecue

Having a concrete barbecue in the garden is connected with the need to properly prepare the ground for the structure. It is best in this case to pour a concrete pour, which will be stable and durable. A foundation of paving stones or patio slabs will also work well. It is important that the foundation is stable and provides an even surface on which to place the grill

The best place is one that is away from trees and is also sheltered from the wind, otherwise we may have trouble lighting and using the grill.

Concrete barbecue: what are the prices?

The prices of concrete grills range from a few hundred zlotys to even a few thousand. This is affected by many factors, including the size of the grill, but also the materials from which it was made. The simplest models, made of refined concrete resistant to temperatures, equipped with a grill and a table top for preparation of dishes, can be purchased for about 500 gold. Those more decorative, which have admixtures that make them similar to the buildings made of natural stone are correspondingly more expensive – can cost up to 2-3 thousand. Even more expensive will be concrete grills, which are a whole complex for outdoor cooking – with additional shelves and worktops, and a place to store wood and coal.

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