Balcony windows. Which ones to choose?

Balcony windows. Which ones to choose?
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Nowadays, we have many options when choosing balcony windows. In addition to standard size windows, there are many options available on the market that we can opt for. See how to properly choose balcony windows for your home and learn about the advantages of different models.

The market offers a variety of models of balcony windows. In addition to the standard windows of small size with a single-leaf door, we can choose from a variety of options. The current trend among designers are large windows, reaching from floor to ceiling, which occupy almost the entire surface of the wall. Among them we can choose various technical solutions and different types of mechanisms that allow you to open the sashes in different ways. Find out what to pay attention to when choosing balcony windows.

Types of balcony windows

There are many technical parameters, which can differ balcony windows. One of the most important issues when choosing is how to open them.

Sliding balcony windows

This is the most popular model of balcony windows currently used in houses and apartments. In it the balcony doors are slid on a rail along the entire sash. This solution allows you to save space and minimize the height of the threshold – which can be an advantage especially for children and the elderly. Moreover, such balcony doors will not close abruptly as a result of a draught

Double patio windows

Such a window, as the name suggests, consists of two sashes that open outward or inward. Usually, there is no mullion between them, and thus a huge advantage is the large space they open. Compared to standard patio doors, bi-fold doors allow you to create a more comfortable transition from your room to your balcony.

Three-sash balcony windows

This model consists of three sashes that open inward or outward. The three-sash window provides an even larger glazed surface than the two-sash window. The mullions placed between the sashes are usually movable, so they do not obstruct the passage to the outside.

Fold&Slide windows

In this model the window may have any number of sashes that can be folded like an accordion. In this way we have the possibility of creating an open space between the interior of the apartment and the balcony even along the length of the whole wall – this is both a practical and aesthetic advantage.

The wide choice makes it possible to match the appropriate model to our interior – depending on its size and purpose.

Balcony windows – what should you pay attention to when choosing?

In addition to the way the balcony door opens there are many other issues to pay attention to when choosing

Material – wood or PVC?

The most popular material today is undoubtedly PVC – among other things because of the low cost. Another aspect is aesthetics. In modern interiors, such as those in the industrial style, a PVC window may blend in better with the interior than wood. Wooden windows are a more expensive but higher quality solution. Also in terms of aesthetics can prove to be irreplaceable


There are many possibilities here. If you decide on large balcony windows, you can get a model up to 250 cm long. The maximum width of a single balcony window usually reaches about 160 cm


There are windows with a standard threshold, and also with a very low threshold, almost level with the floor – such an option is available for sliding windows.


When choosing windows, pay attention to the heat transfer coefficient – the lower it is, the better. Also take a look at the sealing used in the model.

Anti-burglary system

Another thing you should pay attention to is the system providing protection against burglary, which is used in the balcony windows. First of all find out if any are used at all – not all windows and balcony doors have it

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Of course, depending on the individual models, their size and materials used in their manufacture, balcony windows will vary in price. The cheapest PVC double-hung windows can be bought for about 2-3 thousand zlotys. The wooden version of such a window will cost about twice as much. The most expensive model are wooden sliding balcony windows, which can cost up to 30-40 thousand zł.

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