Apartment in the attic – advantages and disadvantages

Apartment in the attic – advantages and disadvantages
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Are you planning to live on the top floor of a building? Before you decide to do so, read about the pros and cons of this solution. Read this article to find out more

Is it worth living in the attic?

In cities there is no shortage of premises located on the top floors of buildings. They used to be popular among students due to their small size. Apartments in the attic are gradually changing into fully fledged, separate premises. Is it comfortable to live in such a place? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this option? Many people associate the attic with the upper floor of a house, but in reality it can be a completely separate dwelling with numerous amenities. Such properties can offer a high level of comfort for residents and numerous investment prospects

Advantages of living on the top floor

The pros of living in the attic are quite numerous. One of them is the absence of upstairs neighbors, which solves many problems. No one is stomping overhead, throwing cigarettes out the window and making noise. The lack of upstairs neighbors makes attics quieter dwellings. What’s more, being further off the ground, the noise from the street is also muffled. The noise of the sewage system, which usually bothers residents of the middle and lower floors, is also not heard.

Split level apartments

If you are looking for a split-level apartment, you can certainly find one in an attic.

Apartments in new buildings often offer such solutions, which makes them very attractive investments. In the attic you can arrange a stylish bedroom, while the first floor usually has a living room, kitchen and possibly an extra room

Lots of natural light

This is certainly one of the advantages that you cannot remain indifferent towards. Light affects the health and well-being of every person. A properly lit apartment allows for better organization of space. Therefore, if you decide to buy or rent a property in the attic, you will be able to enjoy bright rooms and ubiquitous sunlight. Light gives the impression of spaciousness in rooms, makes them easier to arrange and reduces the use of artificial lighting. Protected from prying eyes, attic residents don’t need to use curtains. Well, at least until a new, even taller building appears opposite.

Disadvantages of living in the attic

Living on the top floor of a building also comes with some disadvantages, but are they really so important to abandon the idea of buying such a property? Below we have outlined some of the downsides of living in an attic.

Too hot in the summer and colder in the winter

Attic dwellers tend to feel the excess heat more strongly than those living on lower floors. Battling the high temperatures that prevail in the attic is essential to enjoying a better quality of life. Sometimes, good thermal insulation and installation of air conditioning are key. The right curtains will also be a good solution to counteract the summer heat. Premises located under a roof are generally more exposed to the temperatures. This also means that the attic is also colder in the winter. As a result of having to raise or lower the temperature, residents on the top floors tend to have higher energy costs

When there is no elevator

With the exception of new apartments, it is common for some buildings with an attic to have no elevator, or one that is old and frequently breaks down. Access to the top floor can therefore be somewhat inconvenient, especially for the elderly and for parents with young children

A broken or missing elevator can also be a tiresome problem for frequent shoppers.

Risk of dampness

If you live in an attic, you will be the first to notice the effects of long rains because you are directly adjacent to the roof. So if it gets damaged, your property may suffer from damp or dampness, so before buying an apartment located on the top floor, consider buying more comprehensive insurance for this type of housing.

Optically reduced space

The ceiling in apartments in the attic is distinguished by characteristic slants, so it optically reduces the room. To get rid of this impression, as the owner of the premises you will have to resort to some arrangement tricks to “enlarge” it.


Choosing an apartment is never easy. When deciding on a loft, it is worth being aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of such an option. We hope that after reading this article you already know what to expect from attic apartments.

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