Stairs to the mezzanine. Practical solutions

Stairs to the mezzanine. Practical solutions
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Additional space gives great arrangement possibilities, but you need to remember that the access to it should be functional as well. What stairs to choose for the mezzanine? We present different types!

Mezzanine – extra space, varied space

Mezzanine is nothing more than a room (one or more rooms) separated from the first floor or floor of a house or apartment, but it is not a separate floor (just its upper part).

First of all, mezzanine is a great way to gain additional space. You can arrange a bedroom, a bookcase, a place to work or a storage room here. It is certainly invaluable when we are dealing with a small area of the house.

Another advantage of a mezzanine is the interesting spatial and visual effect it gives. This type of solution looks very interesting – looking both from the bottom and from the top.

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In addition, you need to be aware that having a mezzanine in your home requires proper placement of radiators (heat escapes upwards), and preferably the use of underfloor heating. It is also necessary to take care of proper lighting, for example, lamps hanging on a long cable to the living room, and stairs. It is on them that we want to focus today.

Stairs to the mezzanine should not only be functional, but above all aesthetic. They also can not take up too much space or overwhelm the interior. We present the most popular solutions.

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Spiral stairs

The biggest advantage of spiral stairs is that they take up very little space. They are also distinguished by a unique design, which fits perfectly in modern arrangements. Moreover, on the market there are both right-hand and left-hand models, so you can adjust them to your preferences. You can buy them ready, for self-assembly. However, you should be aware that spiral stairs are not the most comfortable to use, and carrying large and heavy objects can be a bit difficult.

Duck stairs

Duck stairs get their name from profiled, alternately cut out steps. They are perfect for small spaces and at the same time provide comfortable movement. However, duck stairs are quite steep, so you need to be careful not to fall down.

Mill stairs

Mill stairs are by far the simplest and cheapest solution, although not as impressive as the previous two. These stairs simply look like a ladder attached to the floor. Yes, they take up really little space, but they can be difficult to climb up and down. It is best to install miller stairs where the mezzanine leads to, for example, a storage room, to which we look much less frequently than to the bedroom. At the same time, it is simply an ideal solution in summer houses, where every centimeter of space is precious.

Single flight stairs

Single flight stairs are a simple sequence of steps which is classic and inexpensive. However, this type of stair requires more free space (unless it is very steep, in which case it will take up less space). They should also usually have an odd number of steps, and they can be difficult for some people to climb due to the lack of a landing.

Double flight stairs

The stairs with two flights are also often chosen, as they consist of two rows of straight steps placed at an angle of 90 or 180 degrees and separated by a landing. They are safer and more comfortable than the others, and at the same time relatively cheap and easy to make

Parallel stairs

Intervention stairs look almost identical to the two-legged stairs with the difference that instead of treads they simply have steps of different width. This solution is used to save space. However, it is slightly less convenient and you have to be careful where you put your foot.

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