How to plan lighting in the living room?

How to plan lighting in the living room?
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Living room lighting must not only be impressive, but also useful. Its practicality can be appreciated only in the course of use, but the planning must begin well in advance. What in particular is worth remembering?

Lighting of the living room – the most important division

Following the division into basic and supplementary lighting helps to organize activities. We can then clearly define priorities and think about them most thoroughly.

Basic lighting

The main part of the lighting emits, of course, the brightest light. It forms the basic framework for the organization of lighting in the living room. It includes stately chandeliers and pendant lamps. These light sources are characterized by even illumination of large parts of the room, but also decorative character and often higher price of fixtures. Sometimes their role can be taken over by strong standing or floor lamps, but this is a less common solution.

Supplementary lighting

It has an additional character in the sense that it is less powerful. Its task is to create a climatic mood. It is equipped with additional functions – for example wall lamps can illuminate darker places on the walls. The same is true of LED strips. Additional lighting is also useful for dividing the house into zones.

Task lighting

It represents a category that escapes the division into basic and supplementary lighting. Undoubtedly, it is important for the design of the living room and comfortable use of the space.

The role of task and task lighting

It usually does not have a lot of power, but without it, comfort and aesthetics suffer a loss. This includes spotlights that illuminate paintings, exposed sculptures, stone walls or other interesting architectural details. In addition, this category also includes, for example, reading lamps.

Creating a mood with the help of lighting

Building a unique atmosphere in the living room usually requires the interplay of both main lighting and additional and task lighting.

Light and shadow in the living room

You can start creating an interesting lighting effect in your living room by using contrasts between main and secondary light sources. The popularity of lamps designed to hang above the table shows that illuminating this zone and simultaneously keeping other areas of the living room in twilight can be an extremely beneficial solution. For this purpose, it is worth playing with changes in the intensity of individual light sources, checking what effect you can get in total thanks to it.

Lighting color temperature

The choice of LEDs placed in lamps controlled by remote control allows you to easily change their color temperature. This is a great convenience, but also a chance to personalize the living room arrangement through changes in light temperature. Thanks to this we can even adjust its intensity and shade depending on the time of day, the weather outside the window or our mood. It is assumed that the best color temperature for the living room is 3000-2700 K

Unique luminaires

Of course, the light will be all the more impressive, the more we take care of luminaires selected to match the interior design, and in a thoughtful way. The topic of their selection and choice is huge: it is only worth remembering to bet on a consistent narrative when it comes to the style of the living room.

Coherent composition

One of the basic determinants of planning lighting in the living room, but also in other rooms, is to strive to make it a coherent composition with aesthetic and practical qualities

Planning is necessary at an early stage

The lighting design, taking into account its three basic levels, should be created even before starting the finishing works. This allows you to avoid tedious and costly alterations – no need to spoil the work once done. So prepared plan must be confronted, of course, with the idea of interior decoration and its design.

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