Door canopy. Why invest in a canopy?

Door canopy. Why invest in a canopy?
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Why is it worth investing in a canopy at the front door? What does this seemingly unimportant detail give us? It turns out that a lack of care for the roofing of the door may result in unpleasant consequences later. First of all it is a protection against unfriendly atmospheric factors

Why is it worth? Several arguments in favor of a well-planned canopy over the door

The argument that a canopy over the door is meant to protect the door from harmful external factors is largely dependent on the climate. It may not be necessary everywhere, but in Poland it definitely is. Rain, snow, frosty wind, at other times scorching sun – changeability of these factors makes it worth investing in any canopy over the door. During the hot summer we can eliminate the sun and temperature, during the winter and autumn to fight against excess moisture and protect the entrance from the wind.

Canopy and door warranty

Providing a warranty on the purchased entrance door is now a standard. It is rare that this element of protection is missing from the offer. However, it turns out that once a door has broken down, whether or not it was covered can be a very important factor when considering the warranty. Even if the time provided for the warranty has passed, installing a roof is worthwhile – it will certainly influence the longer life of the door leaf and its aesthetics. This is especially important for materials that are sensitive to the elements – such as wood.

A canopy that physically protects the entrance

Perhaps a retractable fabric awning will not give us increased protection from anything other than falling rain, but already most canopies made of hard materials will help. We will get the assurance that nothing will fall on our head.

The aesthetic role of the canopy over the door

Can a canopy hung over the door be decorative? Definitely yes! After all, this is the entrance to the house, which in principle must be a representative space. It is necessary to ensure that this element fits well into the style in which the facade of the house was made. It does not always have to be a very large and complicated construction. For a few hundred zlotys you can buy decorative canopies with very interesting metal finishes.

Canopy over the door. What material should it be made of?

We can choose at least a few versions. Some of them will be purchased ready and intended directly for installation, others require custom-made or a little bit of your own work. It should also be noted that we have different shapes of roofs available:

  • flat,
  • gabled,
  • arched,
  • helmeted,
  • trapezoidal.

Canopy construction material

Different types of door canopy structures offer different strength and aesthetics. Pitched canopies are very often made of wood. They are more massive and are often supported by wooden posts. This favors the fact that such a canopy is covered with the same material as the roof covering the building. Popular aluminum or metal structures are often used in ready to install canopies, which can be found in DIY stores. There are also strong steel structures to choose from.

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Canopy covering

What should the covering of the canopy over the door be made of? In the case of wooden structures, it is often sheet metal, shingles or tar paper that covers the entire roof area. In practice there is quite a lot of freedom here. With lightweight structures that decorate modern building facades, for example, polycarbonate panels are often used.

Ready-made canopy from the market or custom design?

Resolving this dilemma depends on many variables. Our budget, time or type of facade. It is also important if we are able to handle the construction ourselves.

Canopy from DIY store

When choosing a ready-made roof, which can be bought in any supermarket, we should pay attention to, among others, its certification. The quality of the roof sheathing and its structure is important, but also whether the proposed fixing over the door will be able to hold the structure in a safe and stable way. Only after making sure about these issues, we can in good conscience buy such a product and install it over our entrance.

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