5 ideas for painting a living room wall

5 ideas for painting a living room wall
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The living room is one of the most important rooms in every house and apartment. It is where we receive guests and most often spend time with our nearest and dearest. That is why its interior should, on the one hand, have a representative function, and on the other hand, provide relaxation and tranquility after a hard day

This effect can be obtained not only by using appropriate equipment, but also by means of original wall finishings. So if you are just decorating a living room, here are 5 ideas for painting its walls

Effective contrast – two colors in one interior

If you want an interesting, yet simple to achieve visual effect in the interior, instead of painting the living room in one color, opt for two contrasting colors. Let the first one be the base for the interior design, while the second one, attracting attention, will become an interesting accent. In this case you can bet on combinations of derivative colors , for example pastel pink and fuchsia, or intense orange and peach, or strong contrast , which will provide such colors as black and white, black and gold, brown and bottle green

Depending on what colors are juxtaposed on the walls in the living room, the interior can become optically larger or on the contrary – more cozy and warm. A contrasting wall in the living room will also be a perfect background for a TV set or souvenir photos hanging on it, creating together with those elements an interesting arrangement

Striped wall

Stripes on the walls are another of the proven ideas for getting an effective interior design without too much effort. Colors of stripes can be chosen similarly as in the previous point and their arrangement will depend only on what effect we want to achieve in the interior. Vertical stripes allow you to optically enlarge low and small living rooms, while the narrow ones will best widen the horizontal pattern

To paint walls in a living room with stripes, it is best to equip yourself with a painter’s tape, which will mark their width and edges. When applying it, it is advisable to use a spirit level to maintain the proper spacing between the stripes and their straight arrangement. Then, fill the space between them with one or the other color of paint respectively and wait until it dries, remove the tape and you’re done!

Geometrics on the walls

Geometric patterns on the walls are one of the hottest design trends of recent years, so when writing about interesting living room wall arrangements, we couldn’t leave it out. In this case, both rhombuses and squares, and even circles or whole compositions composed of several different geometric figures are fashionable. Painting walls in such patterns, it is best to use for this purpose ready-made stencils, which can be found in most DIY stores

Reversed classic

Usually, when painting a living room, we bet on a white ceiling and color on the walls. What if we reverse these proportions and instead of a boring white ceiling, we would like to have a fine color on it, contrasting with the shade of the walls? This solution will not work in all living rooms, but it is a really interesting proposition in the case of high rooms. Especially if we paint the ceiling on an intense dark color, which will attract attention immediately after crossing the threshold of the living room. In smaller interiors, on the other hand, pastels will work great in this case, which will be something different than the classic white, but will not optically diminish the interior

Decorative patterns

The last of our suggestions is to get interesting and striking patterns on the walls in the living room using pattern books. Their use is trivially simple. Just choose a pattern that will match the interior design, stick it on the wall in the desired place and paint with contrasting paint. For this method, we recommend that you apply the paint on the walls using a sponge instead of a brush or roller. This will provide better control over the painted surface

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So as you can see, there are many ideas for interesting living room walls, and the ones mentioned above are just some of the few that will allow you to transform your living room in a simple way

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