How to finish a loft style interior?

How to finish a loft style interior?
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Loft style interiors are mainly associated with cool and raw atmosphere, as well as open space. When arranging a loft interior, elements that will give it a unique character are very important. See how to finish an interior in this style.

The loft style is gaining popularity with time. Interiors maintained in this style are not only those of large spaces in post-factory buildings. Loft style will also work well in apartments in blocks of apartments.

This style is characterized primarily by a slightly raw decor. Therefore, it is good to bet on materials such as wood, brick or concrete. Loft style does not impose symmetry in the arrangement of furniture, so interior design depends on individual preferences.

Loft style in the kitchen

This style is very suitable for the kitchen. Great here will work all the metal elements that are characteristic of the loft style. The best combination of colors will be white, black and gray. To make this arrangement a bit warmer, you can add wooden elements. Small household appliances standing in plain sight will blend in well with this style of interior, while to ensure the comfort of storage and quality of workmanship, you should opt for GTV drawers.

A very good solution in the kitchen will be to divide the kitchen into two parts using a kitchen island. Hockers, or bar stools, are a perfect match for this.

Living room in loft style

In the living room, it is worth leaving one wall in the raw state. Here you should also reach for cool colors. In order to warm up the interior, natural materials such as wood or stone and fabrics – cotton or linen – will work well. They will match very well with the severity of the walls.

When choosing sofas and armchairs for the living room, you can opt for ones in a slightly more vivid color scheme, for example red and grey. They will break the raw nature of the interior. Coffee tables in loft style should be made of metal or wood.

Loft style in the bathroom

In this often small room it is also possible to introduce elements of the loft style. In this case, faucets in black color and tiles on the floor, which imitate wood, will work great. On walls, it is worth to put tiles, which resemble bricks. A mirror hanging on a leather strap and a wire basket for towels or underwear will also work well.

Lighting in loft style

If it is possible, a good idea will be to use lamps that were used in factories and industrial plants. You can also choose stylized fixtures. Most often such lamps are made of metal, they have a large shade and a structure of screws and chains. Such lamps are usually found in colors characteristic for lofts, i.e. black, steel, gray. However, to break the arrangement, it is worth deciding on a slightly brighter color.

Large bulbs will be a good match for such lamps. Not only will they fulfill their practical role, but they can also serve as an emphasis of functional zones in the interior. Then you can hang such a lamp, for example, over the table.

In the living room, it is best to bet on one or two hanging lamps and several wall lamps. It is important not to choose too sophisticated models, but to bet on minimalism and lighting of various types. Loft style lighting is available in different types – from hanging lamps, through wall lamps, to standing lamps or desk lamps. An interesting solution may also be a bulb suspended on a cable. Manufacturers also offer lamps made of tubes, which are formed into different shapes.

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