Internal metal stairs – to which interiors do they fit?

Internal metal stairs – to which interiors do they fit?
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Interior metal stairs are a very popular solution used in many homes. To what kind of interior metal stairs fit? What designs of metal stairs are available?

To what style do metal stairs fit?

Metal stairs fit into a very popular loft style having its roots in New York factories, which were transformed into stylish interiors called lofts. A characteristic feature of this style are raw interiors in which metal elements and solid wood dominate. Metal or metal stairs with wooden steps will work best in such interior. For interiors in loft style, it is worth choosing darker colors such as black or anthracite. In such interiors stairs of metallic silver color will be perfect

Metal stairs will also fit to modern style, which is very popular especially in newly built houses. In such interiors one-coloured stairs, for example white or black, with a balustrade made of tempered glass will work well. It is more resistant to damage and provides greater comfort in use of stairs.

The interior in the minimalist style suits, among others, simple metal stairs. They are usually made in a uniform color, for example in black. Stairs in this style have a simple balustrade.

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What are the structures of indoor metal stairs?

From metal it is possible to make stairs of any construction, stairs are distinguished:

  • cheeky,
  • beam stairs,
  • cantilever stairs,
  • straight – one and two-legged,
  • string stairs,
  • with a treadmill,
  • carpet,
  • spiral.

Stairs made of metal are self-supporting constructions, which may have different shapes and fixation (in the ceiling, on the floor, against the wall). The structure of the stairs can be fancifully curved, so you can fit it into the interior. If necessary, the stairs can be additionally supported by a pillar.

Advantages of metal stairs

The main advantage of metal stairs is their aesthetic appearance. Another one is their durability. Metal does not require frequent maintenance, it keeps its shape and color for several years. Metal stairs are easy to assemble. Thanks to that you can assemble them by yourself. The exception is the spiral stairs, the assembly of which is better entrusted to professionals. Metal is the material which perfectly harmonizes with other natural materials (wood, stone). Thus such stairs can be used in almost any style of interior.

What kind of finish to choose?

Metal stairs may be powder painted in any color (according to RAL color palette). They can be made of stainless or chrome-plated steel with a smooth, glossy or rough finish.

Modular metal stairs

Modular stairs consist of elements for self-assembly. They are an economical solution which can be adapted to your needs by choosing the size and finishing materials. For self-assembly you can choose from spiral stairs, interval stairs and straight stairs. The disadvantage of this solution is size limitation

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