What to decorate your bedroom walls with?

What to decorate your bedroom walls with?
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Do you have the perfect bed and elegant linens, but still find your bedroom a bit boring? One or two empty walls make you feel embarrassed? Check out how to decorate the interior without ruining your budget!

Stick stickers on the wall

Nowadays stickers come in a variety of designs, from sophisticated to motivational, from funny to elegant. Considering the wide range on offer, you are sure to find something for yourself. These decorations are a great alternative to a wall mural. If you get bored, you can always peel them off and choose new ones. They will introduce a unique atmosphere to your interior and at the same time they emphasize your personality

Hang an elegant mirror

If you like to be more daring, go for a big mirror and hang it above your bed. This will create a stunning focal point. The mirror reflects light, optically enlarging your home. It’s perfect for both traditional and modern bedrooms. It comes in different shapes so you’re sure to find one that catches your eye. It goes well with wall artwork in soft, pastel colors.

Show off your collection

In a small bedroom where floor space is limited, think vertical. The wall above and around the bed is the perfect place to hang artwork. You can also install a shelf to display your favourite items, whether they’re art prints or photographs and souvenirs from your travels. This will give your room a cozy atmosphere.

Choose a bold wall color

If you like to stand out, paint one wall in a bold color. Preferably there should be no doors or windows on it. You may be tempted to “frame” a beautiful door or a large window with a spectacular view – don’t go for that idea. Such decoration often distracts instead of decorating the bedroom. Besides, the light coming through the window usually makes the accent color appear dark or virtually invisible during the day.

The bold wall color is a perfect example of artistry and design. The contrasting juxtaposition is eye-catching. However, remember the right proportions: 70% main color, 20% complementary color and 10% accent color.

Think of a decorative headboard

Pay attention to the large, intricately designed headrest. This is a great idea for a functional, elegant decoration in an interior with a high ceiling. Headrests come in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern decoration, you’re sure to find one to your liking

Our stylish headboard is a great addition to any bedroom. It fits perfectly into the boho glamour style. There is an endless choice of this type of decoration – from carved models to upholstered ones with intricate patterns. The collection is dominated by light blue, pink, red and green headrests. Remember to match the headrest with beautiful graphics and fabrics in the same colors.

Hang a decorative tapestry

This is a great idea to decorate your bedroom. Expressive tapestry is a great alternative to photo wallpaper. It will introduce a modern boho vibe to the interior. If you dream of a casual, but cozy atmosphere, bet on a geometric pattern and a minimalist color palette. Or maybe you prefer to design your bedroom in an eclectic style? Then opt for a bright tapestry. Match it with neutral elements and light wood tones.

How about a picturesque wall mural?

The wall mural is constantly very popular. It will probably never go out of fashion. It comes in a variety of themes, so you’re sure to find something for you. If you like relaxing in nature, look for a wall mural with a botanical pattern. It can depict a forest, a meadow or tropical plants. There’s also the option to personalize it, so your own photo can decorate the wall. A wall mural will bring a unique atmosphere to your bedroom and at the same time it will emphasize your personality. Made of high quality materials, you can enjoy it for many years.

Remember to match the wall mural with natural materials such as wood, brass and marble. Also add plants, which relate wonderfully to the wall mural with a nature theme.

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