Ready-made children’s room design – is it worth it?

Ready-made children’s room design – is it worth it?
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Smyki Desing has created ready-made children’s room designs that can be adjusted to the existing room dimensions through an app.

Arranging a children’s room according to a ready-made design

Arranging a child’s room is not easy. It is necessary to create a space that will stimulate the development of the child, while giving the opportunity for creative rest. The cost of an individual interior design is quite high. To meet the needs of its customers, Smyki Design has found a golden mean in the form of a collection of ready-made designs for children’s rooms. This collection is growing all the time. All projects in this collection were created by experienced architects and interior designers who have prepared ready-made designs of rooms for children of all ages – from a baby to a teenager.

What is a ready-made design?

A ready-made design is one that has been prepared for a certain room, but can be arranged in any space. There is no custom furniture in ready-made designs, only commonly available elements. Thanks to that ready projects are universal.

In each ready-made project you can find full project documentation, that is:

  • minimum four computer visualizations,
  • technical drawings with a detailed description of the electrical system and a view of each wall separately,
  • ready-made list of all products used in the project – at standard and premium prices.
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Buying a ready-made project step by step

  1. Go to the projects website –,
  2. Choose a project that interests you,
  3. Decide which price package suits you better:
    • Standard – the cost of 200 PLN includes a ready-made project in PDF format and access to 2D furniture application,
    • Premium the cost is 450 PLN and includes a ready-made design in PDF format, access to 2D furniture application and design adaptation by an experienced architect to the existing room dimensions.
  4. Pay for the project according to the instructions on the website.

Does the ready-made design fit the interior?

Any finished children’s room design can be customized with the 2d furniture app. Simply enter the dimensions of the room in the app and the design will automatically be adjusted to it. The application is available only after the purchase of the project at

If you are worried that you won’t be able to adjust the design in the application, you can purchase a premium package which ensures adjustment of the design by the architect to the existing room. The adaptation takes only 6 working days.

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Image by Victoria Borodinova, from:

Why is it worth buying a ready-made design?

Ready-made designs available at have many advantages. The most important ones include:

  • visualizations – before buying the project you see the finished effect, additionally you can read the detailed description of the project,
  • price – Smyki Design office has prepared two price versions (standard and premium),
  • application helpful in furnishing the room, thanks to which you can independently adjust the chosen design to the dimensions of the room. In the app you can adjust the furniture and other accessories until you find the arrangement version that suits your needs. Each arrangement can be downloaded in PDF format,
  • ready shopping list – each project has a list of standard and premium materials. There are links to all the items used in the project at standard and premium prices,
  • you don’t have to waste time walking through stores – products for each project can be ordered online,
  • experienced architects – each of the ready projects has been prepared by an experienced designer. This will give you confidence that the room will be functional and safe for your child.

Buying a ready-made children’s room design is a great solution if you have no idea how to furnish your kid’s room or you want your child to have a tastefully decorated space.

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