What flooring to choose for a hallway?

What flooring to choose for a hallway?
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Although very much overlooked during the engagement of residential interiors, it has an extremely important function, is like a prelude heralding the other parts of the apartment or house. We are, of course, talking about the hallway

So what floor to choose for it, so that it would not only decorate this space, but also be resistant to increased exploitation and other factors that can damage it?

Elegant coherent continuation or distinctive dissimilarity?

Before we discuss the best flooring materials for the hallway in terms of their durability and appearance, at the very beginning it is worth considering what effect we want to achieve with this surface. There are two different concepts

The first one is to match the floor in the hallway with the one used in the room you enter from. In this way, we obtain a coherent visual effect of extending the space, which is particularly suitable for small living interiors

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The second concept is based on contrast. That is, using quite different material for finishing the floor in the hallway in comparison with the one in the adjoining room. In this way, the hallway becomes a clearly separated space

3 types of floors recommended for anterooms

The choice of material to be used for flooring in the hallway depends primarily on the arrangement used in this room. Additionally, it should also be resistant to abrasion and the impact of destructive factors such as moisture, mud or sand. It is on the basis of these criteria that the materials described below were selected

Wood-effect tiles

Wood-like tiles, such as porcelain stoneware, which are laid without grout, look just like natural wood, but are much more durable. In addition, they fit perfectly into almost any interior design, regardless of its style. This makes them a great idea for a hallway floor.

Advantages of

  • excellent imitation of wood look,
  • many colors and patterns to choose from,
  • many dimensions allowing to obtain a different effect,
  • easy to keep clean,
  • resistant to moisture.


  • cool to the touch,
  • may chip when dropped by heavy objects.

Vinyl panels

Another material are vinyl panels, which are characterized primarily by water resistance. They are more durable counterparts to classic panels, which also provide excellent sound insulation . They are available in many colors and patterns to choose from, and their laying is done in the classic manner as with their traditional counterparts.

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  • resistant to moisture,
  • scratch resistant,
  • resistant to stains and discoloration,
  • can imitate wood or architectural concrete.


  • quite high price.

Resin flooring

An interesting solution – in terms of both effect and durability – is also using resin flooring in anterooms, which is recommended for rooms exposed to extremely frequent use. It is perfect for loft and industrial interiors, introducing an austere style

Advantages of

  • scratch resistant,
  • easy to clean,
  • resistant to mechanical damage,
  • considered to be the most hygienic type of flooring.


  • price,
  • execution method requiring the employment of professionals,
  • visual effect, which may not be to everyone’s liking

All these types of floors have one thing in common: they are characterized by high resistance to abrasion, as well as the formation of damage, which in places such as hallways is particularly desirable. This does not mean, however, that classic laminate flooring cannot be used, but it is important to remember that it should have a high abrasion resistance class, which will prevent it from becoming dull and damaged during use and will not force a renovation within a short period of time after its installation

In addition, when choosing flooring for a hallway, for practical reasons it is best to bet on dark shades, on which mud and other dirt are much less visible.

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