Concrete on the wall. An idea for living room arrangement

Concrete on the wall. An idea for living room arrangement
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The living room is an important place in the house. This room is where you most often spend time with family and friends. How to use concrete for its arrangement?

What kind of concrete to use for the wall?

If you want to have a concrete wall in your living room, then choose decorative concrete called architectural concrete. It is a mixture that is used to make slabs for interior decoration. Decorative concrete comes in different colors and can have different finishes. The composition of concrete can be one hundred percent natural or it can contain an admixture of artificial ingredients.

The price of a concrete wall is affected by several factors:

  • the type of finish;
  • the percentage of natural ingredients in the mix;
  • quality of concrete and its technical parameters.

To which interior do concrete walls fit?

Architectural concrete is used for finishing walls. It is a solution designed especially for large living rooms. It emphasizes the size of the interior, gives it an elegant and austere atmosphere. If you have a small living room, then choose a paint imitating concrete.

With what accessories combine architectural concrete?

If you want to have concrete walls in your living room, you can choose from different shades of gray – from light gray to steel gray. Concrete looks great with both light colors and contrasting colors. Cool shades of concrete look elegant on the wall. If the interior is in warm colors, concrete cools it down, giving it an extravagant character. Concrete is a great background for expressive accessories such as a yellow sofa.

What materials should be combined with architectural concrete?

Architectural concrete can be combined with any available material. If living room is in minimalistic or industrial style, it is worth choosing raw wooden furniture and metal accessories. Concrete looks beautiful in the company of wood and creates an elegant, stylish interior.

What style does architectural concrete suit to?

Architectural concrete on the wall is associated with interiors in industrial and loft style. Wall covered with this material will also suit interior in minimalist, Scandinavian or eclectic style. Architectural concrete looks great in classic style interiors. It is an elegant background for classic accessories.

How to install architectural concrete?

Wall covered with architectural concrete will emphasize the appearance of the interior, giving it a unique look. You can put concrete on one or more walls in the living room. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional concrete walls are available in stores. This allows you to get a very interesting visual effect, such as waves or geometric patterns.

Concrete is a versatile material, you can use it on walls, ceiling and floor in your living room.

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