Wall stucco step by step

Wall stucco step by step
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Recently stuccowork has become a very fashionable element of wall decoration. You can find several types of wall stucco in home furnishing stores, including decorative cornices, rosettes and moldings. What are the types of stuccowork on walls? How to use it?

What material should I choose for stuccowork on the wall?

Introduction of divisions on the wall enlivens it, giving a 3D effect. Covering the stuccowork with color makes it even more visible and emphasizes the character of the room.


From the very beginning stuccowork was made of plaster. Nowadays it is also made of gypsum reinforced with glass fiber. Wall stuccowork made of this material is most often used during renovation of old buildings.

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Gypsum gives a lot of possibilities to create various forms on the walls. This material is one of the most expensive used in wall stuccowork.


This material is one of the cheapest used in stuccowork. Contemporary Styrofoam wall decorations come in different forms, making them great for a quick interior makeover. Styrofoam is a cheap, lightweight and easy to install material. Styrofoam decorations can be made from a variety of materials that will vary in durability of use.

Styrofoam stucco is defined as wall decorations made of:

  • cheap Styrofoam referred to as EPS, polyester; these are the cheapest wall ornaments made from brittle Styrofoam, very susceptible to damage. They absorb moisture from the room and look unsightly on the wall. The only advantage is their low price;
  • made of better quality polystyrene – it is more durable than EPS, but is not resistant to scratches and dents;
  • made of polyurethane – they are more resistant to scratches and dents, they also have high resistance to abrasion and the effects of acids and petroleum solvents. This material is waterproof and expensive
  • made of duropolymer.


Wood stucco is designed for elegant interiors. Until recently, wooden stucco was associated only with the folk style. It fits perfectly into the Scandinavian style of the interior.


Stucco can be made of the popular MDF. In construction supermarkets you can order MDF stucco painted in a color of your choice.

What to follow when choosing stuccowork for the wall?

When choosing stuccowork for your house you should be guided by:

  • place of assembly:
    • whether it will be exposed to damage,
    • humidity in the room;
  • financial possibilities.

In a corridor or in a bathroom polyurethane stuccowork will be the best. In the living room or bedroom will be great wooden or styrofoam stuccowork.

The use of stucco on the wall

The wall gives many opportunities to use stucco, which can be, for example: painted, decorated with wallpaper. The most popular wall stucco are:

  • mouldings,
  • skirting boards,
  • rosettes,
  • coffers,
  • columns.

Practical ways to use stucco

  1. Stucco can be a great way to hide unwanted defects in the room, for example: crooked walls or cables from the TV.
  2. Stucco becomes a great way to decorate boring walls.
  3. Wooden elements of stuccowork perfectly fits into Scandinavian and folk styles.
  4. Stucco works great to hide led tape located under the ceiling or on the wall near the floor.
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