Arranging a room in the attic

Arranging a room in the attic
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Today’s range that we can find in stores (even using only the Internet) allows for 100% use of space, even so demanding as the attic, and to play with it in a varied way

However, each interior is different and not all because of space limitations or curvature of the walls will be able to meet our dreams, so the arrangements presented here should be treated only as inspiration for your own plans.


The first such point, from which we should start our small revolution, is to provide the room with an appropriate amount of light. If we can not afford sudden renovations in the form of another window, it is worth thinking about additional standing lamps, necessarily in fine shapes.


A room in the attic is very easy to turn into a bedroom, especially if there is little daylight (or no windows at all), or even into a guest room. Glare of the lamps will look classic on the background of white walls and furniture, especially when we attach small lamps (or balls) above the bed. Recently, however, in fashion are elements of wood combined with the rawness of brick, sometimes also with the addition of metal or white, which gives even a wonderful, urban effect.


The attic can still be a place isolated from the rest of the house, where a member of the family devotes himself to work, in peace and quiet. Trimmed furniture can be used to separate from the rest of the room like walls (and used as shelves for books, for example). Each thing can serve more than one function in our home, becoming equipment very practical.

Room for a child

Our little one can have a room away from his parents, in his own kingdom, in the highest tower. The design of the loft allows you to choose a bed with a fancy design, the same also applies to other furniture and provides, at last, a field to show off. Symmetrical shapes of furnishings are no longer a desirable product. Bed in the shape of a house or tent, accessories in the shape of animals (paintings, boxes with ears or, finally, mascots). Here, too, classic white and wood were used, to which mint complements – bedding, curtains, pillows.

Living room

The attic does not have to be a place isolated from the rest of the house, and its the center of the house, you just need to manage the space well. If we cannot put a sofa to one of the walls because of their curvature – leave it in the middle. If we can’t put high furniture there – put low or unusually shaped ones. A good solution for seating places is to insert puf-bags or puf-balls, because we don’t have to worry about matching them to the walls.

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Charms of the attic

Depending on individual preferences and the possibilities we see in our attic, we can choose a variety of additions. It is not necessary to “hide” the imperfections of this formerly forgotten room, but rather try to bring out the beauty in its curves and frame it properly, for example, through lamps with geometric patterns or furniture made of metal, which are strongly characterized by a simple shape.

All you need is an idea

As you can see, there are quite a few attic design ideas. This room does not have to be an isolated and dark place, it has aspirations to be something different. By using various additions, we can enliven this interior, make its former flaws become a desirable and interesting aspect for the eye.

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