Blinds and shutters for skylights

Blinds and shutters for skylights
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Internal, external, traditional, blackout, pleated or maybe blinds? We check what are the characteristics of these solutions and what requirements do they have to meet to be installed on roof windows.

Many owners decide to build a house with a usable attic. It often has sloping walls, which automatically excludes the installation of standard window openings and only roof windows come into play. Such windows can also be found in multi-family buildings.

Roof windows are quite specific. Yes, they provide access to natural sunlight, but this will not always be their advantage. Too many rays coming in will heat up the rooms, it may also disturb your nap or comfortable use of a computer or watching TV. You should always be able to cover your windows, no matter what type you have.

Roller blinds for roof windows vs. standard roller blinds – what are the differences?

Roller blinds not only protect against the excessive sunlight but also have a decorative function. The models available on the market can be easily matched to almost any interior, both in terms of style and color scheme or theme.

It should be noted, however, that roller blinds for roof windows are not the same as standard roller blinds. In the loft you have to install roller blinds dedicated specifically to the roof window, and therefore tightly fitted to the pane or frame. Ordinary models would sag and would in no way fulfil their function. The situation is similar with curtains – we have to resign from them as well.

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Types of internal roof blinds

  • traditional roller blinds – have guides and a spring mechanism; they can be freely rolled up and down to suit your current preferences; they do not completely block out the natural light but disperse it nicely; they are distinguished by their long life-span and attractive price; they are available in a variety of designs and colors;
  • blackout roller blinds – their task is to fully shade the room, even during the day; it is possible thanks to sun reflection and aluminium coating; they also reduce the heating of the interior;
  • pleated blinds – at first glance they resemble blinds; they do not have a cassette, but guides, so they look very elegant and are a decorative element in the interior; you can freely maneuver them, covering only a specific part of the window not only from the bottom, but also from above; they come in many color variants.

External blinds for roof windows

If someone does not want to install internal roof blinds that are highly visible, there is another solution. External roller shutters for roof windows not only provide full protection from the sunlight coming in but also offer additional security against unauthorised access, noise, dirt, stains and pollen.

In addition, they also provide better thermal insulation, so you do not have to worry about heat escaping.

As external blinds are constantly exposed to various weather conditions, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Moreover, there are models available on the market that allow you to freely tilt the windows without any problem.

Blinds for roof windows

Finally, there are still roof blinds, which are not only easy and quick to install, but also a definite winner in terms of price – it’s the most budget-friendly option. Blinds consist of lamellas and guides resistant to moisture and sunlight.

They allow for individual adjustment of the light incidence direction and its intensity depending on current needs – they can be stopped in any position. They are able to almost completely darken the room, only delicate shadows remain. Blinds for roof windows are available in a wide range of colors.

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