Garden in Provencal style

Garden in Provencal style
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Provencal style is associated with relaxation, peace and harmony. There is no wonder that it is becoming more and more popular in our homes. However, it is worth knowing that it is also a great idea to arrange a climatic garden, which with its beauty will encourage you to spend time there and relax in the fresh air. What are the characteristics of the garden in Provence style and what to remember when arranging it?

Characteristic features of Provence style

Provence is a region in the south of France, which is famous for growing lavender. Gardens in this style are a far cry from the classic French properties with perfectly trimmed lawns, trimmed boxwoods, and geometrically arranged flower beds

The Provence garden is a disorderly, rural atmosphere, which is conducive to relaxation, allows you to get away from the daily rush of life and rest in the bosom of nature. Bright, subdued colors, many charming nooks and crannies and plants left to themselves, growing naturally. These are the features that distinguish Provence gardens, which will appeal especially to those who do not like too much care for plants.

Plants that should not be missing in a Provence garden

If you want to have a Provencal-style arrangement in your garden, you need to make sure you have the right plants. In this case, it is best to opt for perennials and flowers in purple, white, blue and light pink, which together will create a striking composition. However, there are some plants which should not be missing in any Provence garden

Relaxing lavender

The first of these is lavender. It allows you to bring to our climate the mood that accompanies everyone who even once visits its fields in Provence. The best choice for gardens is the narrow-leaved variety, which is cold hardy and will survive the winter without any problems. Lavender is best planted in larger groups, so that its purple flowers create impressive carpets

In addition, if you want to complement your garden with plants on terraces or gazebos, you can also bet on French lavender, which has an inflorescence with beautiful, large petals. However, remember that this lavender variety is not frost resistant and should be taken indoors with the first cold days

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Romantic roses

Besides lavender, one of the most characteristic plants for French gardens, including Provence, are roses. Together with the lavender plant, they will create a beautiful contrast, especially if the color of their flowers is white or pastel pink. In their case, you can successfully bet on climbing varieties

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Pastel perennials

Aromatic lavender beds should also be supplemented with a variety of perennials, with charming flowers and foliage, which will perfectly complement its carpets. These can include

  • sage,
  • perovskia,
  • catnip

In turn, privacy while relaxing can be taken care of with shrubs such as yew, boxwood or juniper, which will create a mysterious atmosphere conducive to relaxation

Aromatic herbs

The Provencal garden should not lack herbs, which can be successfully used in the kitchen. Which of them should you bet on? You can use popular mix of herbs of Provence, which includes aromatic thyme, basil and rosemary or oregano . In addition, arranging a Provence garden, you can not forget about leisure furniture. In this case, the best choice will be all kinds of whitewashed benches and tables with metal frames and glass tops, perfectly matching the plants. In turn, additional decorations can be specially aged steel watering can s or pots made of raw wood, which with time will acquire a unique look.

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