Protection from the sun. Garden umbrellas

Protection from the sun. Garden umbrellas
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While enjoying the beauty of summer in our gardens, let’s not forget to take a break in a shady spot. A garden umbrella is fantastic for relaxing outdoors in both weather and inclement weather, so it is extremely functional

On the market we can find umbrellas in different price ranges. They will be characterized by interesting solutions, simplicity or unusual shape. Will the garden world be revolutionized by umbrellas?

Modern umbrellas

Today we have access to advanced technology, which has also hijacked the old umbrellas. Modern ones delight with their appearance, moreover, they are fashionable, solid and extremely functional, because they protect us not only from harmful UV radiation, but also from the rain, because they do not wobble on all sides during a downpour. How does it happen? First of all, thanks to high quality materials resistant to weather conditions.


How did these umbrellas get such stability? Among others thanks to the frame made of powder coated aluminum – this makes the construction resistant to moisture penetration and appearance of rust. The unfolded materials are made of technical fabrics, often polyester (sometimes covered with a layer of polyurethane), resistant to abrasion, moisture penetration or fading under the influence of the sun. Application of this material makes the fabric waterproof, so it protects not only the users, but also the furniture located around it from rain and excessive sunlight.

Non-typical construction

We are used to the typical construction of an umbrella, however, here we took care of the movable foot, thanks to which it is possible to easily change the umbrella’s position, whenever and however we want. Additional tension springs help to maintain stability during stronger gusts of wind.

The 3 m × 3 m model by Platinum

In addition to ideal parameters, it also has an interesting square shape. Its canopy can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted in any direction without moving the whole structure. It is available in several colors: anthracite, beige and white. What is interesting, one of the models (CHALLENGER T² 3x3m GLOW) delights with its beauty after dark – gently glowing with an illuminated frame.


Unfortunately – with the increase in quality comes a higher price. A decent umbrella for all weather conditions costs up to 1000 PLN, depending on the brand and store. To justify them, it should be added that well-made structures will allow us to enjoy the product for years.

Cheaper umbrellas

Sometimes we don’t need an impressive umbrella in the garden (or on the balcony) to make our time spent outdoors more pleasant. After all, no one is going to sit under an umbrella in the rain, and escape into the house. This is when it makes sense to go for simplicity. A number of stores offer ordinary umbrellas that need a base, but also such semi-circular umbrellas (e.g. in OBI), whose frame is located on the side, and not in the middle, so it does not bother us. This is an interesting solution especially for balcony users.

Garden sails

Mentioning different types of garden umbrellas, it is also worth mentioning the topic of garden sails. They can be used both in gardens and on balconies. They are characterized by an unusual appearance, a certain elegance and unusual style. You should choose those made of good materials, resistant to rain and heat. They are not as easy to install as umbrellas, but they look great.

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What to choose?

Depending on our preferences and the amount we can spend on the purchase of a garden umbrella, we can choose from a mass of available products. It’s worth remembering that a higher price goes with higher quality – sometimes it’s worth investing in a more expensive product, which will stay with us for many seasons. And ending the adventure with the garden for the winter, it is worth taking care of a good place and a cover which will protect our furniture and garden accessories through this ruthless season.

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