Sliding doors. To which interiors do they fit?

Sliding doors. To which interiors do they fit?
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One of the most fashionable interior solutions recently are sliding doors. This designer element is not reserved only for modern interiors, it can also look great in rooms decorated in other styles. See what interiors suit sliding doors.

Sliding doors may be associated primarily with modern or industrial interiors. However, not only in such rooms designers are placing them more and more willingly. So called barn doors are currently available in various styles and can be successfully matched to many interiors. Depending on the material they will be made of and their form they can blend in with rustic, retro, eclectic or boho interiors

Types of sliding doors

Depending on the style and decor of the interior we can choose doors made of material, which will best compose with the room. Sliding doors can be made of materials such as wood, metal, glass or MDF (which is also the cheapest solution). The glass can be transparent or milky. We can also combine wood or metal as a frame with glass as a door filling. MDF, in turn, gives the possibility to make doors of different colors.

Sliding doors in modern rooms

Designer models of sliding doors will undoubtedly work well in modern and minimalist rooms. They can be used as closet doors, as well as in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Modern interiors will certainly like doors made of materials such as glass, metal or wood.

Sliding doors in industrial interiors

A modern loft in a raw style is perhaps one of the first associations that comes to mind with sliding doors – and this is a bull’s eye. A simple sliding door made of metal, glass or filled with a mirror will fit perfectly into an industrial interior design. The combination with brick and raw decor will certainly favor designer sliding door models.

Sliding doors in classic rooms

It is not only modernity and austere style that go well with sliding doors. The sliding door can also be used to great effect in classic interiors. Wooden doors with glass inserts are the perfect choice for elegant, classic rooms.

Sliding doors in rustic interiors

Wooden sliding doors styled like doors from the American ranch will be a perfect element in a rustic room. By choosing such doors, we will emphasize the idyllic atmosphere in the interior and add originality to it.

Glass sliding doors – a solution for different rooms

Sliding doors made of glass, with a frame made of wood or metal, can perfectly blend into rooms in other styles, such as Scandinavian, eclectic or boho. Depending on the chosen form and color of wood or metal we have the opportunity to choose the appropriate style of the door to the decor of our interior.

A huge advantage of sliding doors is that they can be installed at virtually any stage of construction or renovation of the room. What is more, they are often made to measure, so we have the opportunity to perfectly match them to the style of the interior and its size – sliding doors are also great for rooms with high ceilings. The variety of available options will certainly allow you to choose the right model for your interior.

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