Digital intercoms – advantages and applications

Digital intercoms – advantages and applications
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Today’s intercom systems largely use practical and functional digital intercoms to communicate and control the entrance to the building. In this article we will present the advantages and applications of digital intercoms.

What are digital intercoms and how do they work?

Electronic intercom devices are equipped with decoders and microprocessor circuits, which allow to create complex systems consisting of tens to even hundreds of uniphones. Digital intercoms they usually have a keypad, which allows to control two electric strikes or open the door with the use of a code, without using a mechanical key. The equipment has an electronic address register, which allows to choose the name of the resident and facilities such as RFID proximity card reader or Dallas pastilles.

What to look for when choosing a digital intercom?

People planning to install an intercom system in the home or business often ask what to look for when choosing a digital intercom. What are the parameters of these devices?

  • Buttons – usually the equipment is equipped with a key to open the door and an additional button to control any type of electric door opener.
  • System – on the market there are available devices that differ in communication standards, developed by manufacturers. It is worth choosing models of the same brand.
  • Housing – a solid and durable digital intercom is made using a material that provides resistance to mechanical impact and low temperatures – ABS or steel.
  • Reader – intercom panels may be equipped with modules supporting opening the door by approaching a RFID card or other type of proximity transponder.
  • Configuration – uni phones are system solutions, easy to install and fault diagnosis. They usually allow to display information about the system status on the screen.

Installation of devices in outdoor conditions poses a risk of contact with moisture and mechanical impact. Therefore, it is worth choosing vandal-proof equipment in a housing with a protective roof.

What are the advantages and applications of digital intercoms?

Modern intercom systems are solutions, the choice of which brings a number of measurable benefits. What are the advantages and applications of digital intercoms?

  • Easily readable displays allowing easy operation of devices even at night.
  • Keypads with code lock function and support of proximity transponders.
  • Models available for surface and flush mounting.
  • Backlit tenant business cards – clearly visible at night.
  • Possibility of system extension with additional elements, e.g. videophone.
  • Option of independent control of multiple electric strikes (opening doors, gates or wickets).
  • Depending on the system – possibility of connecting several hundred uni phones.
  • Simple configuration and installation, yet rich in functionality.
  • Excellent audio transmission quality – much higher than in analogue systems.

A number of benefits resulting from the choice of digital intercoms makes them applicable in many applications. Where can we meet them?

  • Single family and multi-family houses and housing estates;
  • company headquarters, office buildings and office centers;
  • public buildings;
  • hotels, apartments and aparthotels;
  • industrial plants.

Professional intercom systems are often chosen by users and installers. They are characterized by reliability and the possibility of easy communication with people outside the facility.

Modern digital intercoms for home and business

Large housing estates or office buildings are places requiring functional, yet easy to install and use access solutions. The possibility of simultaneous voice communication and control of several electric strikes (e.g. the front door, entrance gate and wicket) are some of the requirements set for modern intercom systems. If you are looking for professional support in selecting the equipment, contact a consultant from EC System store and choose a modern digital intercom for home and business!

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