Paintings in the home – in which rooms do they work best?

Paintings in the home – in which rooms do they work best?
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Arrangement of the interior would not be fully completed without properly matched wall decorations. An interesting solution are tasteful pictures for home, which will allow you to change your interior and give it a unique atmosphere. When is it worth deciding on paintings and in what rooms do they work best?

Paintings for home – is it worth it?

Boredom on a wall is nothing nice, but we don’t have to convince you of that, do we? Facing the challenge of changing the current arrangement of the interior, it is worth betting on original wall accessories, which will change the room beyond recognition. Wall paintings – although until recently they were associated only with museums, currently they are one of the most popular solutions, and what is interesting – not only among interior decorators

Properly matched to the prevailing style of the room will allow you to get a wow effect in just a few moments. However, the problem arises when it comes to choosing a particular solution. Arranging an interior is not the easiest thing to do, thus the knowledge of basic decorating principles may turn out to be really helpful. Where should we place original paintings for home?


Every bedroom – no matter in which style it is arranged – should be warm and cozy. Otherwise it will not be conducive to relaxation after a hard day at work. On the contrary! However, in recent years we have noticed a sudden increase of interest in wall decorations hanging just above the bed

Is it a good idea? Of course it is! Depending on the size of your bedroom, the new decoration can be placed in a different place. However, it is the paintings for home hung above the bed frame that will do the job and you will be simply delighted. What kind of wall paintings to choose? Floral motifs in pastel shades will be especially suitable in a bedroom. Pink, violet or green will emphasize the existing style without fear of disturbing the interior arrangement. Delicate colors are undoubtedly a hit!

Living room

Paintings for home are a very universal solution, which not only perfectly complements the interior design, but also promotes our mood. In our search for interior design inspiration, unfortunately, we very often forget that the best solutions are right under our noses. Original wall paintings will present themselves perfectly on the wall in the living room.

However, in this case it is worth to bet on a motif being a reflection of your personality. If you love minimalistic solutions, a wall picture with a map of your favorite city may be a perfect choice. If you love minimalistic solutions, a wall picture with a map of your favorite city will be a perfect choice. What do we suggest? You may be tempted to create on your own a wall gallery of paintings placed in weird frames. Satisfying effect is guaranteed!

The hallway

The hallway is the showcase of every apartment and we cannot disagree with that. Therefore, it is worth making every effort to make it look classy as well. An interesting composition of smaller and bigger pictures will surely pass the test, especially if you like unique solutions.

What is more, you can be sure that it will make an incredible impression on your guests. These seemingly insignificant details are sometimes the most important! Depending on the finish of the hall, you can choose both wall paintings in an abstract motif and a bit more subdued solution, which will emphasize the style of the room.


At the end we have decided to leave quite an unusual proposal, loved by some, not necessarily by others… How about wall paintings in the bathroom? We are in favor! Well matched paintings will give your bathroom an interesting character, while making it easier to relax in a bathtub filled with hot water

Landscapes and floral motifs are undoubtedly an excellent choice! However, remember to pay special attention to the material used when choosing a particular solution. Some paintings may simply not work well in such a specific room, thus moisture will not necessarily work well for them.

As you can see, interior design does not have to be difficult and unpleasant at all!

Main photo: material from the client

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