Sliding doors. In which rooms will they work?

Sliding doors. In which rooms will they work?
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They save space, separate zones, and at the same time are distinguished by their unique aesthetics, which can be easily matched to different interiors. Where is it best to install sliding doors?

Sliding doors – an alternative to classic wings

Internal doors are one of the most important elements of finishing a house or apartment. They separate rooms from each other, thus determining the functionality of the entire space. Therefore, it is important to choose them properly – not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of practicality. The door cannot take up valuable space or reduce the comfort of occupants.

Sliding doors, as the name suggests, slide along the wall. The movement is limited only to a straight line, they are not opened forward, “into the room”. Their greatest advantage is that they save space, which is particularly important in the case of small apartments and houses, in places where the installation of classic doors would make it difficult to arrange the interior.

Sliding models allow us to build wider window openings, which would not work in the case of standard doors, because they would strongly limit the available space, but also would be visually overwhelming. Thanks to them we can also create so called movable walls, separating selected rooms or functional zones, opening them whenever necessary.

It is also worth noting the undoubted aesthetics of sliding doors. They are very decorative and original, giving a unique character to the entire arrangement.

Types of sliding doors

Sliding doors can be mounted to either the wall or the ceiling. In addition, there are two basic types:

  • wall-mounted systems, where a guide with a sliding mechanism is placed on top; the sash is constantly visible; installation is very easy;
  • cassette retractable door systems, where the door does not slide along the wall when opening, but is retracted into a special cassette inside the wall (or you can install such a cassette in a recess), so the leaf is completely invisible. However, this system is more expensive and involves the necessary renovation work.

In addition, sliding doors can be:

  • wooden with possible glazing or metal elements – both classic and elegant models are available, as well as industrial and rustic with visible wood grain and knots; available in various shades and finishes;
  • glass – transparent, milky or in any color;
  • metal – metal frame with glass or completely metal.

Each of these variants is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. All this to best suit interiors decorated in different styles, whether you have a traditional, loft, glamour or contemporary or boho interior.

Where will sliding doors work well?

When deciding to install sliding doors, you need to be aware that you need an entire wall so that the leaf can slide freely across it. In addition, in wall-mounted systems it is not possible to put furniture or some decorations, including paintings or shelves hanging on the wall, because it would hinder the operation of the mechanism. The case is completely different in case of a cassette – here there is no obstacle to place a closet, chest of drawers or other furniture.

Sliding doors are an ideal solution for small bathrooms or kitchens, where classically opened doors would exclude the placement of the necessary household appliances and cabinets.

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This is also an excellent way to separate the pantry from the kitchen, dining room from the living room, dressing room from the bedroom, or home office from the bedroom or living room. Such doors will take up less space and allow better use of space, and if necessary just open them to gain a large and well-lit area.

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