Country kitchen in the city center? All you need to know is how to arrange it

Country kitchen in the city center? All you need to know is how to arrange it
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Country-style kitchen brings to mind a small, charming cottage somewhere under the forest or on a mountain glade. Cozy decor, natural materials and the prevailing atmosphere here make you want to bake homemade or fragrant loaf. So how to conjure up such an interior?

Country kitchen is not only a privilege of those who live near the city in a detached house. Idyllic, cozy and cheerful atmosphere can also be introduced to the kitchen, which is located in a block of flats in the heart of a large city. All you need to do is reach for the right arrangement solutions and introduce decorative accents inspired by the world of nature.

Such a metamorphosis does not have to be laborious or complicated. Below we have gathered the most important information on what characterises a country-style kitchen and what it should not lack. Who knows, maybe you have some of these elements in your own arrangement?

Country-style kitchen: here’s what needs to be here

A very important element of the design of such a kitchen are natural materials. Forget about artificial plastics. Not only do they not fit here, but they certainly couldn’t be found in a country kitchen where all the furnishings, including furniture, were created by hand by craftsmen.

Wooden furniture, in natural color or whitewashed, is an obligatory element. And what if the fronts are made of plastic? They can be easily covered with self-adhesive stickers imitating wood. Wooden cutting boards and a metal rail, on which wooden spoons and spatulas will hang, will also look very impressive. Natural and ecological textiles also deserve attention – linen, cotton or jute – in the form of cloths, runners or curtains.

A cozy atmosphere is also guaranteed by a subdued and pleasing to the eye color palette. In a country-style kitchen you should avoid too strong and gaudy colors, opting for beiges, broken whites, browns, as well as blues and soft greens. Speaking of green, there should also be fresh herbs in the pot – mint, chives, coriander or marjoram.

Stickers on the wall to the country kitchen with the theme of nature

A quick to implement and very effective way to introduce an idyllic atmosphere to the decor are wall stickers for the kitchen. Thanks to them you can instantly change an ordinary arrangement giving it a country atmosphere. In this role will work best picturesque landscapes. A large selection of patterns can be found in the REDRO store, and we’ve chosen a few of the most interesting proposals.

The first idea is a pattern consisting of coniferous twigs or a picturesque forest shrouded in morning mists. Such a composition is characterized by a little mysterious and a little fairy-tale atmosphere – perfect for a country kitchen. Such a pattern can appear on the entire wall or in the clearance between the cabinets and countertop

Another proposal are picturesque wall stickers for kitchens presenting a meadow dotted with various flowers. Idyllic landscape will make the arrangement here every day in full bloom regardless of the weather and season outside the window.

Animal motifs are also very popular. Among them, forest species dominate – representations of deer, foxes or bears, but also small birds, such as tits, sparrows or gills. Instead of patterns made from photos, it is worth to choose representations imitating paintings.

Cheerful wall lettering for the kitchen

In the world of interior design, typographical decorations are very popular. A wall decoration for a kitchen with a country atmosphere is a great solution. Cheerful quote will make you start the day in a great mood. Most of us start the morning by brewing coffee or tea, so our steps immediately head to the kitchen. Stickers with the text: “Never give up” or “Best things in life are free” will further emphasize the idyllic atmosphere of the kitchen arrangement.

Noteworthy are those stickers that juxtapose words with graphic elements taken from the world of nature. Slogan: “Listen to your heart” written on the background of the mountains or “Always believe in yourself” on the background of a forest will make the decor even more soothing to the senses. A quote that is particularly noteworthy is that of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who said: “Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” A sign like this will become a beautiful finishing touch to a country kitchen!

No matter where you live or what view you have from your apartment windows, the country decor of a cozy kitchen will make you feel like you’re in a charming cottage somewhere out of town in nature. Natural materials, muted colors and decorative accents inspired by nature will guarantee a beautiful decor that will delight you every day.

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