Generator – gasoline, diesel or gas? Which one is best?

Generator – gasoline, diesel or gas? Which one is best?
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There are power generators on the market that run on different types of fuel – petrol, diesel or LPG. Depending on the fuel type, they have slightly different characteristics, making them more cost-effective for some applications and less so for others. We will tell you which power supply for your generator will be most beneficial depending on the application.

Diesel generator – the solution for continuous operation

The great advantage of diesel generators is the relatively low fuel consumption, which is significantly lower than that of gasoline engines. The lower combustion makes a diesel generator an investment if you need to use the generator for continuous operation, such as on a construction site, during outdoor events or when powering larger commercial buildings.

Cons: A diesel generator is a bigger expense than a gasoline generator. However, thanks to the low fuel consumption with continuous operation, this investment pays for itself and saves money. It is also more expensive to service it in case of faults.

However, diesel engines have a longer service life and only need to be serviced after two hundred hours of operation.

Generator with gasoline engine – suitable for emergency power supply

Today, more and more homes or workplaces are equipped with an emergency power source, which is to ensure continuity of energy supply in case of network failure. A petrol generator is the optimal solution for this application. What is the reason for this?

  • Power generators with petrol engines are a cheaper investment than diesels.
  • The design of gasoline engines is simpler, which makes them less expensive to maintain and service.
  • The quiet operation of gasoline engines does not interfere with household or work use.
  • The engine is also quiet and does not interfere with domestic or working use.

The slightly lower durability of gasoline engines requires servicing every 100 operating hours or so. However, when used with an emergency power supply, this mileage is reached after a much longer period of time than with a permanent power supply.

LPG generators – the optimum solution for industry

Here it should be taken into account that LPG gas is much cheaper fuel than petrol or diesel. Thanks to this, despite the fact that it is necessary to invest in the generator a higher amount of money than in the case of a petrol generator, the investment pays off quite quickly in the case of continuous use. Therefore this solution is often used in industrial plants, where it is extremely important to achieve the lowest possible fuel costs.

LPG installations are also environmentally friendly, and the gas itself is a clean fuel that does not contaminate the installation and the drive unit, thanks to which the unit is characterized by durability and long life.


You already know what the different fuel solutions for power generators are. To choose the right option, you just need to think well about the purpose and use of the unit. You can find high-quality power generators in the Emast store.

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