How to choose the right aerial lift?

How to choose the right aerial lift?
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Renovation of high parts of warehouses, repairing lanterns on a busy street, falling plaster from the facade of this or that building are just a few works at heights from the entire spectrum

Such activities must be performed efficiently and safely, not only for employees, but also for pedestrians and other people who are nearby. How to perform these works in maximum comfort? What equipment should be used so that it is safe in the vicinity of the activities performed?

The right equipment will be aerial work platforms, which will not only transport workers, but also allow them to take the necessary equipment and materials for repair or painting. But which one to choose, and what should you consider when selecting it? We check.

What are aerial work platforms and how do they work?

Aerial work platforms are nothing but crane-like devices, which are equipped with a platform in the form of a safe basket installed on top of a hydraulic arm. Their purpose is to enable comfortable work at height. The purpose of this equipment is to make it possible to work comfortably at heights. Although elevators are used in the service, industrial and construction sectors, the range of work that can be done with their help is extremely wide and it is virtually impossible to summarize the potential of this equipment in one list.

However, it is worth mentioning a few applications in order to get an idea of the capabilities of this specialized equipment. The boom lifts allow you to comfortably clean windows on upper floors of buildings, clean roofs, paint walls, install TV antennas, as well as advertising banners or neon signs. You can also use an aerial lift to cut branches, repair power lines or restore walls inside buildings.

Boom lifts and their types

The developed production technologies allow to supply the market with lifts with working heights ranging from several to even 28 meters. The best quality equipment is characterised by a compact structure and low weight, while its side outreaches are maximised. These parameters translate into comfortable work with aerial work platforms. A light but stable structure makes it possible to use less energy while moving them.

Depending on the kind of work that will be performed with the help of the lifts and the area where they will be used, it is worth choosing the right equipment. And we can choose between aerial work platforms:

crawler – a characteristic feature of the so-called “spiders” is that they are equipped with a long hydraulic arm, on top of which the basket is mounted. Their design allows them to be used in difficult conditions, in places where space is limited. Two people can easily work in the basket. Therefore, they are perfect for renovation works, interior painting or warehouse repairs of elevations,

scissor lifts – this is a relatively small type of lift, which makes it easy to store. The structure consists of one or several pairs of scissors. Hydraulic cylinders are responsible for their folding and unfolding. They are perfect for renovation of high buildings, with their help you can comfortably and safely carry out painting or installation of various elements. Scissor lifts guarantee high stability and enable to stop the basket at any height. They prove useful both in indoor and outdoor work,

on trailers – the advantage of this type of lift is its low weight. Due to the fact that it is a specialized trailer on wheels, equipped with a lift, it can be transported to the place of work using even a small vehicle with the possibility of towing. They are distinguished by their high mobility. They are ideal for work such as pruning branches or renovating facades. The control is very convenient, and the lifts can be used indoors and outdoors,

self-propelled – These are very versatile devices that have the advantage of compact size. One of the biggest advantages of self-propelled lifts is their own drive, which allows them to move without involving additional equipment. They have a very solid base in the form of a vehicle that can perform work even in hard to reach places.

Is choosing the right aerial lift difficult?

The right choice of this type of equipment does not have to cause much trouble. With a wide range of offers, different capabilities, types and applications of the lifts, it is possible to select the ideal device that will perform many jobs, taking into account the availability of space or the type of surface. You can also successfully consult a professional service. Companies such as Gutlift are experts in their industry. They know very well the capabilities of each type of lift and after a short series of questions will suggest what lift will be the ideal candidate to perform this or that work at height.

A boom lift – it has its advantages and disadvantages

The most common advantage of aerial work platforms, regardless of their type, is their mobility. They make it possible to reach even inaccessible places with a worker and the necessary equipment. The lifting capacity makes it possible to transport even two people, which is also an advantage. It is also worth mentioning that electric lifts are very quiet, so they can be used indoors without disturbing the order in the buildings. They are also very safe, functional and can reach heights of up to 28 metres.

A specific difficulty may also be the fact that in order to operate a lift, one needs to have appropriate qualifications confirmed by a training course, the cost of which may amount even to PLN 1000.

Although mobility is one of the advantages of lifts, the disadvantage may be that many models move mostly on hard, flat surfaces, which are often missing in construction conditions. However, Gutlift offers even more specialized units that can handle tough construction conditions. One such model is the TD120T crawler-mounted lift, which is capable of climbing 60 percent hills with excellent traction on both steep and uneven terrain.

Gutlift experts encourage you to learn more about the capabilities of aerial work platforms. They will also be happy to advise you on which lift to choose and whether renting or buying is the better decision. Contact Gutlift.

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