Decorative patio lighting

Decorative patio lighting
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Decorative terrace lighting creates an amazing atmosphere of this place – it makes you want to relax there even more. So it is good that it is durable and energy-efficient. Here are some ideas to consider

What kind of terrace do you want to light?

When choosing the type of lighting, we have at our disposal:

  • solar lighting,
  • mains-powered lighting.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages and shines with hundreds of different types of lamps, torches and trinkets. But first of all you have to choose the right lighting for your terrace. Vintage solar lanterns or colorful garlands of lights, for example, are a good match for a simple outdoor terrace with wood. However, they are unlikely to be used to decorate a terrace that has been tiled in a modernist style. On the other hand, if you want to illuminate the terrace of a grand building referring to the historical architecture, imitations of old street lamps may be a good idea.

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What to pay attention to?

Consistency is a feature that should be taken into account when choosing terrace lighting. Only then it will be easy to recognize that it has been thoroughly thought out – also when it comes to compatibility with, for example, the facade of the house

It is worthwhile that terrace lighting:

  • was made in a solid way and of a durable material (e.g. aluminium, steel),
  • has been factory-fitted for outdoor installation,
  • is well protected against corrosion,
  • have a high fire resistance class,
  • had a high IP rating: this is indicated by two digits, where outdoor lighting should have at least IP44. Otherwise, there is a concern that dust particles or moisture can get into the interior.

Solar and LED lighting

Decorative patio lighting should also be as energy efficient as possible. It is important to remember that it is about aesthetics and not, for example, functional lighting of the driveway or house to increase safety against intruders, for example. For this reason it is recommended to choose between

  • energy-efficient led lighting and
  • solar lamps, which shine thanks to a small solar storage cell.

Led lighting strips will allow quite subtle illumination of the terrace, for example, from the floor level. Thanks to them it is possible to highlight particularly impressive places of small domestic architecture. You can also bet on the led spot lighting. It is worth ensuring that the lighting elements purchased by us are waterproof.

Solar lighting, on the other hand, is simplicity, low cost and a great variety of shapes and stylish lamps or lanterns that can be adapted to many types of terrace.

Lanterns, garlands and torches – a wide variety of decorative terrace lighting

When it comes to decorative patio lighting, there are plenty of options to choose from, whether in supermarkets, specialist stores or online. Especially in the category of solar lighting will be popular:

  • outdoor wall lamps: not only decorative, but also very practical,
  • standing and hanging patio lights: the standing version will fit well into the style of a large terrace, while the hanging can be successfully placed over the table,
  • decorative led or solar garlands: Still very popular, they can be white or colored and go all around the terrace,
  • garden lanterns: both referring to the traditional Chinese ones with paper or textile lampshade, as well as those imitating oil lamps,
  • candlesticks to place on the table or in the corners of the terrace,
  • garden torches in a more classic or modernist design.

It’s also worth considering the role you want your patio lighting to play. If we care about more harsh light – perhaps leds will be better. If, on the other hand, we want to maintain an unforced atmosphere of a pale, as if moonlight – solar lighting will pass the test.

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