Solid, openwork or wooden? We choose the best fence

Solid, openwork or wooden? We choose the best fence
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What kind of fence will work best on the border of the plot? A lot depends on what our expectations are. For some of us the priority will be durability, for others protection from prying eyes of neighbors, and still others will appreciate the original look of a wooden fence from the countryside. Which option to choose? Here is a handful of information about each of the mentioned fences

Solid fence. What characterizes it?

Solid fence not only creates a physical barrier on the border of the plot, but is also an obstacle to visual penetration of space around our house. So it not only protects against the entry of intruders to the property, but also does not allow you to track what is happening behind the brick wall, concrete slabs or tin panels. It is also worth noting that thanks to the opaque fence we can spare ourselves the unpleasant view or image of a busy and noisy street. In addition, the influx of dust to the property will also be significantly reduced. Solid partition will also help us to a lesser extent to shelter from noise

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What are the disadvantages of a solid fence?

It should start with the fact that it is often much more expensive. Often at the same time causes more difficulty in installation, because, for example, has a much greater weight. In addition, it will also create shade on quite a large area of the property. This is not optimal, for example, for plantings on the plot. It is also important that the style of the fence matches the facade of the house. Sometimes the use of opaque panels makes the house look too delicate in comparison with heavy fence

Openwork fencing – its advantages and disadvantages

The alternative is the openwork fence. Its characteristic feature is that fence panels are transparent. Thanks to this more sun rays penetrate to the plot and the construction itself is well integrated with the surroundings. It looks lighter and more delicate against the background of the house

Openwork fencing and garden exposure

If we have an arranged garden around our house, which we can definitely show off, then installing openwork fence will be a good solution for us. It will allow us to fence the area in an affordable way and protect it, but at the same time show off the attractive space around the house.

Multiple forms and designs

Finally, openwork fences are popular because there is a great variety of forms, patterns and they can be made of different materials. You can bet on inexpensive wire panels, but also on cast metal fence, which will be very decorative or even artistic. Some openwork fences, such as the popular in cities lamella fence, can be quite easy to install. Among modern openwork fences we can also come across those that work on the principle of blinds. So if necessary, you can change the nature of the barrier to a completely impenetrable

Wooden fence. Will it work?

For many people, however, the dream fence remains a wooden fence. It can give the property a rustic character, but there are also fences that are a combination of wood and other materials. Then they are very suitable as a barrier around houses with very modern designed masses and elevations. Much depends on the finish of the boards used for building the fence. The ones with leaves will be most suitable for building fences in country style. Then they should be nailed horizontally

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What are the disadvantages of fences made of wood?

Such a barrier around the house will work, but you need to take more care of it. Wood purchased for the fence must be of good quality and can not have in them, for example, pests that affect the wood destructively. It is also necessary to impregnate the wooden fence, so that it is visually attractive, but also resistant to weathering

Which type of fence should we choose? Each of them to some extent can satisfy the investor. So it is worth to think even harder about what we care most about when fencing the plot.

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