Durable and solid PVC windows

Durable and solid PVC windows
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Choosing the right windows is quite a challenge. On the market you can find many models made of different materials

In connection with this in recent years more and more popular began to enjoy the wooden windows, but this does not mean, however, that those made of PVC went completely away. They still have many advantages which speak for their purchase and installation. What are they? Here we discuss them

Why are PVC windows the most popular choice?

The popularity and ubiquity of PVC windows results first of all from their relatively low price – in comparison with other materials. At the same time they still provide very good parameters, for example those related to thermal insulation or soundproofing. In addition they look good regardless of the architectural style in which the building was constructed and are available in many colors to choose from to make it easier to match them in terms of style to the facade of the building or its surroundings. That’s why they still haven’t fallen out of the market in spite of high competition from wooden windows.

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4 main advantages of PVC windows

The above mentioned advantages of PVC windows are not the only ones. Apart from that, you can also list their four most important features, which speak for buying just such models

  1. High resistance

PVC windows are extremely resistant to various atmospheric factors. They are not destroyed under the influence of high and low temperatures or intense sunlight falling directly on their surface. In addition, thanks to the fact that the material from which they are made does not absorb moisture, they are also resistant to mould and fungus and prevent the development of insects

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  1. Long lasting durability

Another advantage of PVC windows is their durability, which can be up to 50 years, so replacing windows with just such models can solve the problem associated with this element of the building structure for the entire generation of the family

  1. Excellent tightness

In addition, PVC windows are also characterized by excellent acoustic insulation, or the ability to suppress sounds from outside the building. Therefore, they are recommended for installation in particular where there are busy traffic routes behind the window, playgrounds or other places generating high levels of noise. This parameter is also not without influence on the thermal insulation of PVC windows, which affects the reduced inflow of air from outside. This feature is extremely important especially during the heating period, because it has a positive effect on heating bills

  1. Easy care

The last of the key advantages of PVC windows is the fact that in order for them to present themselves impeccably, apart from occasional cleaning of frames, they do not require almost any care, in comparison with wooden models, which should be painted protectively. Moreover, their cleaning itself does not require the purchase of specialized agents either. All you need is warm water with dishwashing liquid, a soft cloth and glass cleaner to restore their original splendour and cleanliness

How to take care of PVC windows?

In spite of the fact that after being installed in buildings PVC windows require almost no user’s interference in their construction in order to fulfil their task efficiently, sometimes there are situations in which they need some attention. Such an eventuality may be a slight lowering of the window frame in the first year of its use. However, then it is enough to adjust them with a wrench to be able to enjoy their full functionality again

To sum up, PVC windows are one of the best choices in case of buildings located in noisy neighbourhoods as they provide excellent acoustic insulation. Moreover, they don’t require any complicated maintenance or upkeep and are guaranteed to last up to 50 years. All this combined with a low price makes them worth taking an interest in, choosing window fittings not only for houses but also for public buildings

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