Metal or wood? Entrance door overview

Drzwi metalowe wejściowe
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Choosing a front door is not an easy decision. Many factors have to be taken into account. We present the most important features of metal and wooden front doors.

Front door is a kind of showpiece of your house. Therefore, they should be visually matched to the entire property and elevation, but this will not cause any trouble. At the moment there are lots of models on the market in various colors, styles, with handles, knobs, glazing. Everyone is sure to find something for themselves.

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However, that is not all. First of all, exterior doors must meet safety standards, have the appropriate approvals and certificates. Of course there are no doors that provide 100% protection, but you should choose those that make it difficult for a burglar to get into your house. The most recommended doors are those that resist for about 20 minutes, which is enough to call security and the police.

Noise attenuation and heat transfer coefficient are further considerations. The latter should be as low as possible so that heat does not escape from the house. We cannot forget about durability and resistance to changing weather conditions – from heat and exposure to sunlight, through rain, to frost and snow.

When facing the choice of the front door, the question arises: which to choose – metal or wooden? We will try to dispel the doubts.

Metal entrance door

Metal exterior doors are usually made of highly resistant galvanized steel. They are one of the safest models, which can cope not only with harsh weather conditions, but also with damage, attempts to balance or attack by a thief, and even fire.

Fortunately, gone are the days when steel doors were coarse and simply unsightly. Currently, you can choose from many modern designs, color variants, and even from veneers imitating wood. There should be no problem with matching them to the window frames or garage doors. Their advantage is also an attractive price.

You should be aware that metal entrance doors close much louder than wooden ones and also they do not dampen noise so well. Special attention should also be paid to their installation – mistakes can result in large heat losses. It is better to entrust this task to a proven team.

Wooden entrance doors

In that case, are wooden exterior doors a better option? Certainly, a lot depends on our individual preferences and expectations.

Wood is very often used in window joinery, but it is also one of the most frequently chosen materials for making exterior doors. In this case we can meet mainly with oak doors and pine doors (still spruce or beech) or exotic wood, for example meranti, which behaves better in harsh weather conditions than our domestic species. However, oak and pine doors will be cheaper than them.

Wooden entrance doors are characterized by excellent thermal, but also acoustic insulation. So you don’t have to worry about thermal bridges or putting up with persistent street noise.

Nowadays, the technology of manufacturing such doors allows for great properties, including resistance to warping, deformation, and long-term durability. This is also a very elegant proposal that undoubtedly increases the aesthetic value of the house. Another advantage of wooden doors is the possibility to choose a model with glass or side glazing.

However, you need to remember that wood is a natural material, so it requires regular impregnation, maintenance, and often also a roof to protect it from prolonged sunlight or rainfall.

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