Wallpapering. How to put wallpaper step by step?

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Many people renovating their interior decide to put wallpaper on the walls of the room. Interesting prints or original patterns can look very impressive. The key to a beautiful appearance is the correct location of wallpaper

It is worth to properly prepare for the work, so wallpapering proceeds quickly and efficiently. The following tutorial will tell you how to lay wallpaper in your own home.

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Wallpapering a room in 4 steps

  1. Preparing the surface

New plaster must be properly primed. If there is any paint, wallpaper or tiles on the wall, you have to take them off and clean the surface. Wallpaper should be laid on a smooth and dry surface

  1. Preparation and adhesive application

You can find various wallpaper adhesives in stores, both ready-made and those that require prior mixing. The glue can be applied directly to the paper backing or, when the wallpaper is made of another material, the product is placed on the walls of the room

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  1. Wallpapering corners and hard to reach places

Wallpapering the room should be started from the corners, as these are the areas that require more focus and attention. For this purpose, using a spirit level and a pencil, you need to determine the place where the wallpaper will collapse. Then you should wallpaper the area behind the radiators and around the pipes. If these elements cannot be removed during the renovation, they should be protected with foil to prevent them from getting dirty. Special attention should also be paid to contacts and light switches

  1. Applying wallpaper to the walls and smoothing it out

Then we move on to wallpapering straight walls, making sure that the strips are laid evenly. This is especially important if there is a pattern or picture on the wallpaper. Once the wallpaper has been glued, use a brush or roller to remove any air bubbles from the wallpaper. The final step is to place the wallpaper at the windows and doors.

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