Carport – the perfect way to protect your car

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Very often car owners who have a piece of land in front of their property face the problem of securing their car against weather conditions. Wooden carports, also known as wooden carports, are the answer to the worries of those who, for financial or procedural reasons (building permit) cannot afford to build a garage as a free-standing technical building.

Wooden carports – alternative for traditional garages

Not to mention a garage made of hollow bricks, we have to realize that a closed shape wooden garage can be very expensive – prices of the latter start from 14 thousand PLN. Meanwhile, wooden carports will perfectly fulfill the role of an umbrella against rain and sun, protecting our car. They are usually easy and quick to assemble – even people whose hobby is not DIY will manage to complete and assemble a wooden carport.

Wooden carports are also a way to visibly – in the garden area or in front of the property – separate parking space exclusively for the car. Note that this separation goes hand in hand with the preservation of a space that the architect would call clearance in the space. Obviously, it happens so thanks to light, not overwhelming construction which is characterized by this type of carports. The kind of openwork construction makes the access to the vehicle practically trouble-free; it is easy to wash it, make minor repairs.

How are wooden carports usually made?

As the term itself suggests the main material component is wood. Wooden carports can have pillars made of wood, the roof structure also made of wood, but the roof surface itself can be made of Plexiglas, for example. You can also find carports with roof covered with tile, PVC tile, colored tar paper (or so-called asphalt shingle) or even impregnated wood. Supporting columns are formed from wooden beams of square cross-section, secured at the base with special aluminum or tin anchors, necessary for stable attachment to the ground. To prevent the wind from blowing leaves from garden shrubs or roadside trees, we can also buy side walls – also openwork, to keep the whole structure light. Let’s just add that modern wooden carports are made of pine or spruce wood.

Complete wooden carports can be enriched with the storage room, placed on the inner end of the carport. In order to simplify installation and maintain harmonious connection of the whole structure, storage sheds are also built of wood, but the walls of this tool house are enclosed with planks using the tongue and groove method.

This article is based on information from the Wiatex website – manufacturer of wooden garage sheds.

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