Glass staircase. An idea for an elegant interior design

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Glass staircases are the dream of many homeowners. However, quite a few people worry whether glass is a safe and sturdy enough material for stairs

Current modern glass manufacturing techniques make it a very strong and durable material. Glass staircases are made of three layers of tempered glass. However, in case of breakage, the glass breaks into crystals that are not sharp, thus not causing injuries

Advantages of glass stairs

Do glass stairs have other advantages besides beautiful, modern look? Undoubtedly, glass is the material which is easy to process, therefore stairs may have unique shape and color. The use of tempered glass in production allows to create a safe and durable construction. Glass stairs will give the interior a minimalist and modern character

An interesting way to decorate steps is to place various ornaments, fabrics or backlighting between pieces of glass. Glass stairs can be a fantastic way to illuminate the room, because they perfectly let sunlight through

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