Ceiling Lighting. Modern living room lamps

Ceiling Lighting. Modern living room lamps
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When choosing lighting for the living room, we should be guided by both the functionality and aesthetics of the lamps. Ceiling lamps available on the market enable such a solution. See the most attractive models.

A living room is a multifunctional place – it serves as a living room as well as a representative place, a guest room, where we gather not only every day but also on special occasions. Its decor should reflect these functions – the living room should be a room that is comfortable, functional and makes a good impression. One of the elements that can combine practicality and decorative function is lighting

In the living room in this respect we can afford a lot: ceiling lights, floor lamps, standing lamps, wall lamps – the options are varied. The living room is a space that should be well lit, and a well-chosen light source can also be a decoration of the room. Here are some examples of living room arrangements using modern ceiling lamps.

Lighting in the living room

If we are at the stage of planning the lighting in the living room and we are thinking about its placement, it is best to choose it under the furniture layout. Setting a set of seating, and then a table with chairs will allow you to figure out in which places, what lighting will be needed. If the living room is not very large, we can bet on the standard solution, that is, placing the main light in the middle of the room. Then additional sources of light can serve more as a decoration, or mood light.

Ceiling lamps for the living room – modern design and functionality

Main lighting is a very important element in the arrangement of the living room. The most often used solution are ceiling lamps – they can well illuminate the interior, and modern models look spectacular. Here are some modern models, which will certainly add chic to our room and illuminate it well.

Hanging lamp

Decorative lamp consisting of spherical glass lampshades suspended on straight wires. In the middle there are gold colored rods ended with a led bulb

Minimalist lamp made of metal in black thanks to the wide spacing of light sources can successfully illuminate even a large living room.

Designer ceiling lamp

It is a modern chandelier with an unconventional distribution of light sources. Impressive metal frame is finished with glass balls with decorative, energy-saving bulbs inside

Geometric ceiling lamps

Led ceiling lamps of geometric shapes will look particularly impressive in modern interiors. They will also provide accurate lighting of the room.

Pendant lamps with minimalistic shapes

Led circles suspended on subtle rods are extremely phenomenal chandelier, which will fit into both minimalist modern style and glamorous interior.

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Modern ceiling lamps are available in various versions that provide very high efficiency and good lighting. They perfectly decorate contemporary stylish interiors and add to their character.

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