Facade cleaning with pressure washer

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A dirty façade tarnishes the appearance of your home. How can I clean the façade effectively? How to clean with a pressure washer?

Cleaning facades with a pressure washer

It is best to clean facades with a pressure washer. Domestic models are ideal for this purpose. To wash the façade, use a diffused stream of water with detergent (façade cleaning liquid is the best). The solution should have a maximum temperature of 60℃. The maximum pressure is 120 bar. It is safe for the plaster and removes dirt very well.

A nozzle will work well for removing dirt from the walls, but you should use it from a distance. The plaster should be cleaned from the upper parts of the walls to the lower ones. Cleaning should be done in a circular motion. Pay special attention to heavily soiled areas. You can wash the façade first with water and then with cleaning agents. Very often after cleaning the façade it is necessary to paint it.

Cleaning the façade from dirt

It happens that on the facade, apart from dust and dirt, there are also grey or green deposits. They indicate the presence of fungi, algae, moss and lichen. They are most common on the northern and western wall. After washing the plaster with a pressure washer, dirt should be removed with a brush. To combat such raids, it is necessary to use the right chemicals to prevent them from multiplying again.

The person applying the chemical should have protective clothing and goggles. The agent for fighting fungi and mold should be applied to the facade and left for several days. This will make the preparation more effective. Before using the preparation, it should be checked in an inconspicuous place. It is worth protecting the façade against the recurrence of mold and mildew.

Cleaning clinker façade

White tarnish is very often visible on clinker bricks. Most often, these are salt efflorescence. You do not need to buy special preparations to remove them. Very often, a pressure washer and proper detergent is enough. Before using the pressure washer, check what is the tarnish. If you can remove it with your fingers, then only a brush will do. If it is difficult to remove, then use a pressure washer with the right detergent.

Cleaning facades from graffiti

Spray paints are very difficult to remove from walls. That is why you should entrust facade graffiti cleaning only to a proven team. Professionals remove graffiti using washers with a pressure of 200 bar or more. Solutions of water and chemicals are used for cleaning.

When not to use a pressure washer

Superficial dirt is easily removed from a facade using a pressure washer. Do not use this method if the façade has cracks in the plaster. If the plaster is weak, the façade should be washed with brush and water.

How to protect façade?

After thorough cleaning of the facade, the plaster should be properly impregnated. This procedure should be carried out especially on mineral plasters. Modern plasters have greater durability and resistance to cleaning.

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