Plants worth having in the garden

Plants worth having in the garden
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Some are stunning in their appearance, while others have additional properties, such as repelling pests. We present a list of plants that are good to grow in your home garden.

The garden is a showcase of our property, so its arrangement should be well thought out and refined. Weeds, holes in the lawn, dried out plants, broken trees will not be a pleasant sight. To make the garden look beautiful, it is worth planting plants and flowers in it, which will fill it not only with a wonderful smell, but also different colors. You need to take into account what conditions we have – the soil, the shape of the surface, sunlight. This is all very important as each plant has its own preferences.

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We have prepared a list of plants that delight with their habit, color, shape and leaves. These specimens are definitely worth having in your garden.

Heaven Scent magnolias

This species of trees with an upright habit is extremely decorative and magnificent. It grows up to 4-5 meters high and is perfect when planted alone. Its foliage is dark green and its flowers are pink, cup-shaped at first and wide open when in full bloom.

Cultivation of this species of magnolia is not complicated. It needs a sheltered and warm position and peat soil, although it can also be slightly acidic or alkaline. It is worth remembering to put mulch around it in winter – low temperature can damage the roots.

Photo by FelixMittermeier from


Undoubtedly, they are one of the most beautiful shrubs, which delight with their flowers. They feel best in places slightly shaded and sheltered from the wind. They can overwinter without a cover, but it is good to tie them in a cone. The soil reaction will affect the color of their flowers.

Hydrangeas will also look great when planted singly. It is necessary to remember about watering them abundantly.


Spring tulips form a colorful carpet. Depending on variety they differ in color, shape but also in height and the moment of blooming. It is not difficult to cultivate them but it is necessary to do some procedures including frosting of overflowing flowers.

Tulips like sunny positions and fertile and moist soil with a neutral pH.


Pelargoniums are worth having in your garden – not only for their fleshy stems, round and crimson leaves and colorful flowers, but also for their ability to repel mosquitoes.

Pelargoniums tolerate wind and lower temperatures well, bloom all season long and are easy to grow even for beginners.


In the garden, plant mint in a pot so it doesn’t take up more space than expected. It works great for repelling aphids and ants. It is worth planting it near vegetables, such as cabbage or broccoli. In addition, mint leaves can be used to make tea or as an ingredient in masks and rinses.

mięta ogrodowa
Photo by Matthias Böckel from


They are very ornamental, but that is not their only feature. They act as a barrier against slugs and snails that could get to your vegetables. They also attract nematodes and deter flies.

Be careful, too, because the smell of the leaves can be too strong for some people. They thrive in sunlight and need a fertile, moderately moist and permeable soil.


It needs dry and light soil to grow. It is a thermophilic plant, used in herbal medicine and cosmetics (processed into oils). It is not only visually attractive, but also fragrant. Moreover, its scent repels, among others, such pests as slugs and aphids. The plant is also a good source of attractiveness for people.


This is a plant that has poisonous flowers as well as leaves and stems. However, it is worth growing because the enzymes it secretes stimulate other plants to grow faster. It also looks very showy, prefers partial shade and does not tolerate direct sunlight.

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