Automation for garage door. What operator to choose for sectional door?

Automatyka do bramy garażowej. Jaki napęd wybrać do bramy segmentowej?
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Garage door with a drive provides great convenience in use and additional safety for our car. Find out how to choose the right operator for sectional garage door.

Sectional garage doors are divided into upper and side. For each type will be appropriate different type of drive. Choosing the operator, in addition to the type of gate must pay attention to its size and weight

What type of operator to choose for the sectional garage door?

In the case of an overhead sectional door, all types of drives are suitable. It is sufficient that in the garage we have a small area to install them. If the door is to close the garage for two vehicles, then the operator should have a greater force – at least 1000 N.

Drive for side sectional garage door is mounted above the lintel of the opening or on the side wall. It is necessary to equip it with a special arm that allows pulling the door. The pull and push force must also be high enough for the door to operate smoothly – a much higher force is required than with an overhead sectional door.

Choosing an automatic garage door is a comfortable solution, thanks to which we will save ourselves getting out of the car when leaving and entering the garage. We will appreciate it especially on rainy or snowy days. In addition, the automatic gate also provides greater security against potential burglary.

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