How to change the look of your bathroom at a low cost?

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Remodeling is often associated with high costs. If you want to change the look of your bathroom, but you want to keep costs low, there are ways to do it. In this article we suggest how to give your bathroom a new character at a low cost.

Replacing some elements

This solution is perfect especially when the fixtures are already worn out. Replacing faucets in the shower, bathtub or basin can give the bathroom a modern character. Bathroom taps from are great for this as they’re inexpensive, stunning in appearance and high quality.

New color for the walls

Cheap bathroom renovation can begin with painting the walls. Choose a color that will be harmonious with durable decor elements. White will optically small interior and brighten the bathroom, which does not have a window. A good choice will also be fashionable earth colors, so beiges, grays and shades of green. When choosing paint for the bathroom, remember about its properties. It must be durable, splash and fungus resistant.

Instead of new tiles

The very fact of buying new tiles is often associated with high costs. Besides, it means additional work, i.e. forging old tiles and installing new ones. It is worth opting for an alternative solution. You can paint the tiles using special paints. Remember, however, to thoroughly clean the surface from grease, stains and dirt before you start painting. Instead of paint, you can also use tile stickers that are very easy to apply and available in many variants.

You can paint both wall and floor tiles. However, if you want a new look for your bathroom floor, you can replace the tiles with new vinyl tiles, which are cheaper but durable. What is important is that their installation is easy and you do not need professionals for it.

Give new life to old furniture

Replacing bathroom furniture is often expensive. But you can easily give your old cabinets a makeover. To refurbish old bathroom furniture, simply paint it with, for example, acrylic enamel, which dries quickly and forms a water-repellent coating. You can also apply veneer in an interesting color or glue decorative stucco and cornices. The look of old furniture can also be enhanced by replacing old handles with ones that match the bathroom design

Vintage fashion is becoming more and more popular, so take the time to find unique bathroom furniture, if only at a flea market.

The power of accessories

This is certainly the cheapest way to change the look of your bathroom. If the room lacks color, invest in colorful textiles. For example, towels in bold colors or colorful candles can completely change the look of your bathroom. Colourful soap dishes, baskets or a shower curtain can do the same.

Decorations also include flowers and the right lighting. In order to optically enlarge the interior, it is worth to install a mirror in an interesting frame in the bathroom.

When arranging a new bathroom, it is worth choosing fabrics and accessories so that they create a coherent whole. Everything from towel holders to bathroom rugs can make up an attractive interior design.

When carrying out a bathroom renovation, it is worth considering whether the help of professionals will be necessary. If you want to change something and you will be able to do it yourself, resign from hiring professionals. However, if it is necessary, choose those recommended. If you do not have to, do not change the location of the mixer or the bathtub. This will result in additional, often unnecessary costs.

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