Action: painting tiles in the bathroom

Action: painting tiles in the bathroom
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You need a special paint, a roller and a small brush to transform your bathroom in a few moments. Painting ceramic tiles is a great alternative when your tiles are in good shape and you want a quick result.

A metamorphosis or renovation of the bathroom does not have to mean removing tiles. There is another solution to this, and that is to simply paint the bathroom tiles. What can you gain by deciding to do this?

First of all, you save money – replacing tiles or terracotta is associated with a large financial outlay, plus you often have to hire a professional to do it, which is another cost, just like buying new tiles.

We also save time – painting tiles is not a tedious job, which will take us many days. Quite quickly we can enjoy a changed bathroom in a new color scheme.

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What kind of paint is needed to paint tiles?

For this task it is necessary to use special products, no ordinary paint. Why? First of all, the surfaces of walls and ceramics are very different, and paint has no chance to penetrate the structure of tiles. In addition, there are also demanding conditions in the room – the bathroom is warm and humid.

Therefore, choose only paints designed for ceramic tiles, which will adhere to them strongly enough to not only last for many years, but also be resistant to water and detergent scrubbing. There are paints available with an elegant matte or glossy finish, which optically enlarges the room. What is more, we can also put them on the grout. There is no need to use a separate product.

How to prepare bathroom tiles for painting?

The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface of all dirt and dust and degrease it – with acetone, gasoline or a dedicated product. This is crucial, because otherwise the adhesion of paint will be insufficient, and the pollen left behind will be visible after painting. If we have any cavities or cracks, it is necessary to fill them at this stage.

Do not forget about the joints. In this case, a small brush will be best for cleaning them (here we also have to fill in the defects). You should also secure the ceiling, fittings and other elements that you do not want to paint with a painting tape. Also remove the old silicone, and after finishing work do not forget to apply a new one.

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Finally, it’s time to thoroughly and slowly mix (preferably with a drill with a mixer) the paint until it reaches a uniform consistency. Usually, you should use up everything within 10 days. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations that appear on the package. Sometimes you will need to apply a coat of special primer before actually painting the bathroom tiles to increase their adhesion.

You will also need accessories such as a roller with a tray and a small brush. Remember also that if it is too hot in the bathroom, the paint can dry too quickly – the temperature should not exceed 24 degrees Celsius. In addition, the humidity must not be higher than 80%.

Painting tiles in the bathroom

When painting bathroom tiles, always start from the grout and the edge, heading inwards and carefully and evenly spreading the paint over the entire surface – first making up-and-down movements, and then horizontally (unless you want different colored grout, then paint the tiles first, and then the grout). For precise painting of grout and hard to reach places, the small brush mentioned above will come in handy.

Then, wait a maximum of half an hour and after that time, gently tear off the protective painter’s tape. If you exceed this time, the paint may dry on the tape and there is a risk of damaging the new coating when you peel it off.

Sometimes it will be necessary to apply a second coat of paint. Of course, this can be done, but only after 12-48 hours, i.e. after the first layer has dried completely. Here, too, before painting, you need to reattach the painter’s tape.

After the work is done, use the bathroom carefully and be careful not to stain or splash the tiles with water, especially for the first three to four days.

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