Functional kitchen solutions with an island

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Kitchen with an island is a solution that can not only be extremely aesthetic, but also extremely comfortable. In addition, it is also an excellent proposal for both large and small interiors. So we suggest how to arrange a kitchen with an island to make it beautiful and comfortable.

Why opt for a kitchen with an island?

Let’s start with why you should decide on a kitchen design with an island. First of all, this is an extremely practical solution. With a kitchen island, the distances between key places in your kitchen will be significantly reduced. Modern kitchen designs with an island assume that such elements of kitchen equipment as worktop, electric or gas stove, oven and sink will be located much closer to each other. Thanks to this moving around the kitchen and preparing meals in it will be much more intuitive and convenient.

What kind of furniture to choose?

If you decide on a kitchen with an island, it’s also worth considering what specific furniture you want to have in your room. Kitchens with an island will work well both as part of modern furnishings, as well as more classic arrangements, such as Provençal furniture. You can also add extra furniture to your kitchen island that wouldn’t work in your kitchen without it, like a bar stool. With a few such stools, your island will not only be a space for preparing meals, but also for eating them. Such a solution will be extremely convenient and practical.

It is also worth paying attention to the material of kitchen furniture with an island. A great solution will be, for example, MDF, stone or wood. Remember, however, to choose solid wood – untreated, with natural grain looks beautiful and impressive in the kitchen, but cleaning it and pulling crumbs from the crevices can prove to be a challenge.

A kitchen island not only in a large kitchen

Contrary to appearances, the kitchen island will work not only in large and spacious kitchens. Admittedly, the arrangement of a smaller room will be limited by the dimensions, but interesting effects can also be achieved here. In such interiors, however, it is worth taking care of the right amount of storage space, which is why kitchen islands with a large number of built-in cabinets are a perfect solution.

If you have already decided on a beautiful kitchen island with cabinets and shelves, but you don’t know what to put in them, then be sure to visit which offers home equipment such as pots, cutlery, kitchen accessories and much more.

Lighting, an interesting decorative element

In any kitchen, especially one with an island, lighting plays an extremely important role. You can opt for a classic lamp, which will look beautiful hanging just above the island, or for diffused light, for example, hidden by the kitchen island’s countertop. When it comes to the type of light, a traditional 60W bulb or an equivalent LED of similar brightness will do

Remember also that lighting is very important in small interiors, because it allows you to optically enlarge the space. In such a case it is good to place several sources of light instead of one central one, also remembering about shaded places. Also, the color of light is of great importance – cooler light will bounce off the walls, ceiling and objects more intensely than the dim and warm one.

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