Brick walls in the living room. To what style do they fit?

czerwona cegła w salonie
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Brick is one of the oldest building materials, and has been one of the more popular interior design materials for several seasons. To what style does a brick wall fit?

Brick as a universal material

Brick is universal material, it fits to every style of interior. The most popular is the one in natural color. The red brick wall is suitable for industrial and loft interiors.


Red brick an inseparable element of loft style

Red brick wall is associated with loft style. Red color warms up the raw interior and makes it more cozy. In addition to red brick, loft style cannot lack metal elements and raw factory lighting.

czerwona cegła w salonie
Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images

White Brick as an Element of Scandinavian Style

White bricks are perfect as an element of Scandinavian style interior design. A white brick wall in the living room will warm up the austere Scandinavian style. Gray accessories are best suited to such interior.

Aged brick

The aged brick wall is a compromise between red and white brick. The aged material will be perfect for interiors in boho and rustic style. Rooms with this type of brick are called rustic boho.

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