Windows with ventilators – is it worth opting for them?

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Both in new and old buildings sometimes there is a problem with ventilation. Its malfunction causes discomfort and leads to moisture accumulation, which can result in mold and mildew. Home ventilation can be improved by window ventilators.

Window ventilators are part of window ventilation. They are openings through which outside air flows into a room and then out of it. The main function of ventilators is to ensure proper air circulation inside the apartment. Importantly, properly adjusted window vents do not cause heat loss during the heating season. A small but constant circulation of air helps maintain proper ventilation without having to open windows and ventilate rooms.

Why is it worth installing window ventilators?

When should we opt for windows with ventilators? First of all, we need to think about this amenity when we have noticed accumulating moisture in the rooms in use, which settles on furniture and various objects and appliances and even leads to their destruction. Moisture promotes the formation of mold and mildew, which negatively affects our health, often leading to numerous problems such as allergies, headaches and upper respiratory tract infections.

Windows with ventilators will also work well in rooms with gas appliances, as well as in buildings without mechanical ventilation, where we do not have the option of installing air conditioning. In such cases, windows with vents will be the cheapest way to ensure adequate air circulation, which will prevent the accumulation of moisture.

Also, when replacing windows with new ones, let’s pay attention to ventilation. Sometimes we do not notice that the windows are leaky. On the one hand, this provides air circulation, but on the other hand it also causes the rooms to cool down. If we replace such leaky windows with new and airtight ones, after some time we may find that moisture has begun to accumulate. To avoid such situations, already when replacing windows, pay attention to ventilation and necessarily choose models with vents.

What are the types of window ventilators?

There are three basic types of window ventilators, which differ in the way they work:

  • pressure ventilators – their control is related to the pressure difference outside and inside the apartment. As the difference increases, the air flow increases. Importantly, when the pressure difference is too great or a strong wind blows, the flow is automatically blocked, so that the room is not cooled. Pressure ventilators can also be blocked manually;
  • hygroregulated ventilators – automatically regulate the flow of air, based on the level of humidity in the house. They are equipped with a special polyamide strip, which, depending on the amount of moisture, shortens or lengthens, which increases or decreases the air flow accordingly;
  • manually controlled ventilators – in ventilators of this type we manually set (by opening or closing) the air flow and adjust it to our own preferences.

When buying windows with ventilators, pay attention to the type of mechanism. This will allow us to choose a ventilation that will suit our individual needs.

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