Slat fence. A quick way to fence your home

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A lath fence is a quick and easy way to hide your garden from the prying eyes of your neighbors. All you need is a quick visit to the DIY store, one afternoon of work and voilà – the fence is ready

Laminate fences enjoy enormous popularity. They are used not only to fence off gardens, but also terraces or balconies. They provide an effective barrier against prying eyes, and additionally look beautiful. The boards are made of natural wood, which will match most arrangements, and properly impregnated will last for many years. If you are looking for a natural fence, which will blend in with the plants and interior design – you have found it!

Fence with lamellas – a few words about the structure

Slat fences are made of wooden frame and boards arranged horizontally, closely adjacent to each other. They are arranged in such a way that they overlap one another. Thanks to such construction fence provides maximum privacy, can also be a wall between different parts of the garden

A frequently chosen solution are lamella fences with openwork finishes. They seem lighter and more delicate than the usual wooden panels, providing a pleasing background for different types of plants. However, a traditional slat fence, without additional ornaments, will also blend in well with the greenery of the garden and various arrangements of the terrace or balcony – natural wood fits Scandinavian style, as well as modern

How to impregnate the fence?

Because the slat fence is made of natural wood, you should take care of its regular impregnation. Inadequately maintained boards can be damaged by moisture, mold, pests, and temperature fluctuations. After all, the fence will be in the garden during all seasons!

Natural wood should be impregnated at least once every 3 years, preferably after winter. First check the condition of the lamellas and gently clean the wood, and sand off any remaining old enamel. If there are damages, seal them with a special wood mortar. Once the fence is clean and dry, you can start treating it with a special product – ideally to protect against fading from the sun, as well as mold and pests

Finally, you just need to choose the right preparation to paint your fence. These can be varnish, stain, varnish stain or opaque paint. The latter not only give color, but also hide the natural grain of the wood. If you want a natural color, better bet on a stain

Advantages of lamella fences

Slat fences are popular for a reason! Thanks to their construction, they provide maximum privacy but don’t overwhelm the garden like concrete walls do. They are lightweight and easy to install, but also resistant to weather conditions. Properly impregnated can serve you for many years

It is also worth remembering that the lath fence provides protection not only for you – it also covers plants from the wind, and thus limits possible damage to seedlings during gales. Climbing plants also like laths – the structure of the panel is not quite flat, so the plants have something to cling to in order to climb upwards

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