LED garden lighting 230 V

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Lighting is a very important part of any garden. Spring is the perfect time to purchase garden lighting. What LED lighting is available?

Pole garden lamp

The garden post lamp is timeless elegance. This type of garden lighting is the most popular. You can find garden lamps of different heights in stores. Pendant lamps in the same style can be matched with this type of lamp.

Garden lanterns

Garden lanterns look great in rustic and country gardens. They are made of durable materials resistant to weather conditions.

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Spherical garden lamps

Ball garden lamps are one of the most popular garden lamps. They come in a variety of colors, although the most popular are ball lamps in white.


Ingress luminaires are robust and functional lamps that are designed to be driven into the ground. They can withstand a pressure of up to 2 tons and are resistant to changing weather conditions.

Garden floodlights

Garden floodlights are used as outdoor motion detector lamps or as solar lights. Solar lights are an energy saving solution.

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