How to choose the perfect fence for your garden?

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The type of fence that is used at the garden affects both the privacy and the visual appeal of your yard. Finding the right type is not difficult, as manufacturers offer a whole range of products. Check out what you need to pay attention to!

Pay attention to security

Safety is the first thing to think about when choosing a fence for your garden. You should consider different varieties of construction material, as well as choose a fence design that thwarts access to your yard by pests and undesirables. 

Knowing the surrounding fauna can be a great help. By doing so, you will be able to determine whether you need a stronger fence to prevent wild boars or deer from entering your yard, or a wire fence set deeper, which in turn provides an obstacle for smaller rodents.

Ensure your privacy

Not everyone can afford to build a house in seclusion. More often than not, properties are erected on fairly tightly built plots, which negatively affects the level of privacy. In this context, the material of construction is key. 

A good idea is to bet on garden panels or bricks and surround them with tall trees, shrubs or ivy. In this way, the backyard area will be shielded from view, as well as acoustically dampened to some extent.

Choose the right construction material

The most commonly used construction materials include wood, PVC and metal. In terms of maintenance, the last two are the easiest. They only need to be cleaned regularly to ensure their longevity. The surface of wood, on the other hand, should be renewed every 3-5 years or so, and systematically sealed with special specs so that it does not rot.

Fences can also be made of clinker bricks. They look very attractive and provide ample room for stylistic arrangements, both classic and modern. They do not require special treatment, and their condition can be easily taken care of by impregnating surfaces that are particularly exposed to moisture.

In the case of large plots of land, where there are properties with a regular, massive body, fences made of concrete often work well. They are distinguished by their durability and resistance to demanding weather conditions. They also do not require special treatment and are simple to install, reinforcing mesh and concrete being sufficient. 

Construction material vs. appearance

One of the factors that has the greatest impact on the style of the fence is the construction material. If you want to go for a modern look, then putting up a metal fence is a good option. On the other hand, a more traditional look is provided by fences made of wood or a combination of materials such as metal and brick.

You should also appreciate concrete. Skillful use of the material makes the property look dignified and impressive. The use of such a fence gives the effect of overwhelming heaviness, which, under the right conditions, looks extremely impressive.

Recently, the gabion fence is also gaining great popularity. The most common version is a cuboidal basket filled with white stones. The option of any mesh filling creates many possibilities. You can also put stones of a different color or any elements, such as glass or plastic, inside.

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